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This trio of Kohl Kreatives vegan makeup brushes are soft and self-standing with the added benefit that they’re sustainable and play an important role in saving our planet as they’re created from plastic waste and are cruelty-free.

The Kohl Kreatives 3ss3ntials collection is a key staple in your makeup kit as they are designed to create any look with any product whether it’s cream, liquid or powder.

How to use the 3ss3ntials vegan makeup brushes

The 3ss3ntials vegan makeup brushes are highly versatile…
Use the Big Circle for Foundation, Loose Powder, Bronzer, Blusher, Blending;
The Large Rectangle for Contour, Eyeliner, Brows, Highlighter;
And the Square for Concealer, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Eyeshadow

A super soft synthetic fibre technology was designed with sensitive skin in mind, while creating a flawless finish! They’re the world’s first standing brushes with an easy grip handle.

The brushes will leave your looks streak-free and airbrushed in finish – perfect for on-stage, on-Insta or real-life. The patented handle designs are a pleasure to hold and are easily manoeuvred by everyone regardless of mobility and skill.

The brushes stand at; 17cm, 15cm and 13.8cm

How to clean the 3ss3ntials vegan makeup brushes

It’s easy. Wipe them clean with a wet towel or moist towelette after every use, and let them air dry.

If they need a deep clean – we recommend you wash and shampoo the vegan brush with any product of your choice, towel dry then re-mould and stand and air dry overnight.

About Kohl Kreatives’ Founder Trishna Daswaney

Growing up as a teenager, I was bullied for my appearance and make-up was the tool that gave me confidence and the power to help others going through the same thing,” says Trishna.

Kohl Kreatives is a non-profit organisation that was born to empower people through the power of makeup.

We run regular workshops for the transgender and cancer care communities empowering them through free makeup tutorials teaching them how to create the best looks, tips and tricks to face the day.

Our brushes, are vegan and cruelty free but also are designed to empower people of all walks of life, we focus on innovating in the best way possible to support the world from recycling plastic to having created the first accessible makeup brushes to people with motor disability issues and diseases.”

Our Partners

We create, co-create and curate the products in the boutique with a number of different partners.

The products are dispatched by different suppliers therefore.

You can check out our Delivery and Returns page for all the small-print information that you need.

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