The wonderful spectacle of nerdlesque aka nerd burlesque is becoming more and more popular. Now we’re bringing you the best dressed geek chic tassel twirlers.

The Best Dressed in Nerdlesque

A few years ago British burlesque dancer, Miss Glory Pearl, predicted the future of burlesque. It seems that she was spot on.

Burlesque dancing is delving into many niche realms to fulfil the multitude of fantasies from burlesque show goers. This includes Cabaret Roulette who actually let their audiences dictate their monthly theme.

It also has seen some surprising concoctions, whether it’s zombie burlesque or Muppet burlesque. There’s even a Nerdlesque Festival in New York.

We thought we’d mix-up the best dressed lists of the summer season and bring you the brightest of nerdlesque. So, sit back, adjust your faux-dork glasses and lets take a look.

Star Trek Burlesque


(Image from Geeky Friday)

Cosplay, short for costume play, is when fans dress up as characters and often role play. Cosplayer, Dezi Desire, took this idea and ran with it as a nerdlesque performer.

This burlesque costume (above) was seen in her first performance with burlesque show, b/URL/esc. It’s simple, sexy and easily replicated for any Halloween shennanigans. We’re loving her many looks, down to the burlesque pasties.

See our Top Five Novelty Nipple Pasties.

Batman Burlesque


(Image from Elise Archer)

Australian burlesque dancer, Elise Archer, has taken up the mantel of unlikely sex symbol, Harley Quinn from the Batman universe. As a result, she has quickly become a hit of the nerdlesque scene.

Together with Evelyn Ellenor who portrays Poison Ivy, this burlesque duo are a must-see act. Yet, other takes on Harley Quinn have been seen elsewhere. We’re loving the different burlesque costumes along with the mobilisation of nerdlesque fans they inspire. Bravo!

Check out Dallas burlesque‘s answer to Harley Quinn and watch Toronto’s here.

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Game of Thrones


(Image from Seattle Burlesque)

Seattle burlesque troupe, Fauxdust are one of the great acts jumping on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Just look at the amazing burlesque clothing of their show FauxDust Presents Stark Naked: A Nerdlesque Tribute to A Game of Thrones.

Professor of Nerdlesque, Jo Jo Stiletto, has written an article giving the lowdown on the city’s nerdlesque scene. Read all about it here. Otherwise, look away if the Cersei / Jamie Lannister relationship is a bit too much for you.

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Star Wars Burlesque

News Roundup

(Image from The Vanguard)

Australian burlesque troupe, The Jaded Vanities, became spectacularly popular with their Star Wars Burlesque show. They have since followed it up with the likes of Batman Burlesque.

Now, they have returned with Star Wars burlesque and are following-up with a new show. They aim to evolve the genre with a dark sexual journey of the imagination. Find out more on The Vanguard website. Until then enjoy a glimpse into Star Wars Burlesque.

Hotsy Totsy


(Image from Hotsy Totsy Burlesque)

The monthly New York burlesque show from Hotsy Totsy Burlesque has combined so many of these areas to produce a range of geektastic naughtiness. They’ve done Game of Thrones and Star Wars burlesque, yes.

They’ve also created nerdlesque around Doctor Who, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and even The Big Lebowski.

Fronted by pink bombshell, Cherry Pitz, these burlesque shows provide giggles and tease for the full range of fandom.

Next up is their show Harry Potter and the Boobies of Fire which you can read about on Hotsy Totsy Burlesque. Until then here’s a sneak peek at their tribute to Doctor Who.

Check out the Burlexe Boutique for more burlesque costume ideas.

(Main image from Dezi Desire)

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