Showgirl Costumes

We love the glamour of showgirl costumes and we’re not alone. Here’s our top 20 celebrity showgirl moments and then some. See if your favourite made our list.

Our Top 20 Celeb Showgirl Costumes

We’ve been sharing the influence of pop culture on burlesque dancing through our burlesque icons series. Now we’re sharing how showgirl costumes have been shown in all their feathery goodness in pop culture.

Following the success of our fave Christmas burlesque photos, here’s the most delicious celeb showgirl costumes.

20. Iggy Azalea

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Drop Out)

Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, is known for creating visually exciting music videos. So far she has used inspiration from animation, Bollywood and, most recently, Clueless.

Her collaboration with T.I., ‘Change Your Life’ did not disappoint with its bevvy of Las Vegas lovelies. Watch this modern take on the infamous film Showgirls:

19. Carmen Electra

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Times Square Gossip)

The multi-talented, Carmen Electra is also a long-time burlesque performer. She was an original member of the Pussycat Dolls as a burlesque troupe and has guested at Crazy Horse in Paris.

Moreover, she continues to spread the love of burlesque dancing with her how-to DVDs and live performances. A woman after our own hearts.

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18. Ursula Andress

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Listal)

Alluring Bond girl, Ursula Andress has been a sex symbol and pin up since she emerged from the sea in that two-piece. We are loving this traditional showgirl dressing room photoshoot.

17. Natalie Dormer

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Natalie Dormer)

British actress, Natalie Dormer, is known for starring in Tudors and Game of Thrones. This stunning 1920s inspired photoshoot has also been shared and tagged all over Pinterest as a fave burlesque pic and who wouldn’t love it?

Get the look: Extreme Eyeliner and Longlasting Red Lipstick with Dolly Lamour.

16. Beyoncé

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Fumis Fashion Files)

Whilst performing in Atlanta, Beyoncé wore this amazing showgirl outfit. Her family may be going through some tough times right now but she still knows how to rock a stage. To learn the A-B-Cs of Queen Bey click here.

15. Lana Turner

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Ladylike Lady)

American actress, Lana Turner is remembered as one of the great all-time blonde bombshells of the Hollywood golden era. She also starred in Ziegfeld Girl (1941) alongside the likes of Judy Garland.

This showgirl outfit is a wonderful ode to the amazing burlesque performers of the Ziegfeld Follies. Not to mention its continuing influence on modern burlesque dancers such as Vicky Butterfly.

14. Madonna

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Madonna’s Alteregos)

Madonna is not just a burlesque icon but an influential and inspirational woman across the world. She undoubtedly knows how to own her sexuality.

Usually Madonna imbues modern show-woman pizazz but we can’t help but admire this fierce showgirl photoshoot.

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13. Jennifer Aniston

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Filmmaker IQ)

Since the launch of our website one of our most popular pictures has been this one of Jennifer Aniston. The stunning romcom actress nails this look, we can see why it’s so popular.

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12. Anna May Wong

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from The Absence of Alternatives)

Asian-American actress, Anna May Wong was a 1920s flapper, sex symbol and fashion icon. She introduced the cheongsam to a Western audience and stood out with her own exotic showgirl style.

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11. Amanda Seyfried

Showgirl Costumes

(Image by Ruven Afanador)

Last year we couldn’t get enough of this Amanda Seyfried photoshoot by Ruven Afanador. This darling collection updates the showgirl dressing room scene whilst showing off some beautiful showgirl costumes.

10. Jean Harlow

Burlesque Costumes

(Image from Indulgy)

American actress, Jean Harlow is an iconic leading lady of 1930s Hollywood. Whilst, this magnetic boudoir image exudes showgirl glamour. We could all do with more feathers and a comfy coquette throne.

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9. Rihanna

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Uptown Magazine)

Bajan singer, Rihanna looks stunning in her carnival outfit. She may have caused controversy by stripping off on Instagram and showing her bum at the Met Ball but she sure can work it.

Watch Nicki Minaj‘s showgirl carnival music video.

8. Hedy Lamarr

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Flo Morrissey)

Another star of Ziegfeld Girl is the enchanting Hedy Lamarr and this out of this world (yes, we did) showgirl costume. This burlesque outfit has inspired some of our favourite ladies.

This includes the wonderful Eliza DeLite and Halle Berry during her pageant years. That’s right. Watch the film’s trailer then hunt it down and indulge:

7. Cher

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from CNN)

At the 1986 Academy Awards, Cher channelled her inner showgirl in this iconic outfit and headdress. In 2012 she also starred in the burlesque movie proving she still has it and is willing to flaunt it. You go giiirrrl!

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6. Katy Perry

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Interview Magazine)

In 2012 American singer, Katy Perry starred in this amazing showgirl photoshoot for Interview Magazine. The accompanying video could even give Carmen Carrera a run for her money.

5. Nicole Kidman

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from La Verdad Refresca)

The historic beauty of the Moulin Rouge, a jukebox musical and Ewan McGregor showgirls galore, it must be love. Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film brought to life the Parisian debauchery, playfulness and tragedy of this quintessential venue like never before.

A must-see, must-have, must-sing-a-long and must-envy those amazing costumes film. Ooh and none more so than those worn by the lead actress, Nicole Kidman. Bravo! Watch her in action:

4. Kylie Minogue

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Kylie X Minogue)

The pint-sized pink perfection of the Kylie Minogue Showgirl Tour is forever in our hearts. She even performed it at the Sydney Olympic Closing Ceremony in 2000. Enjoy this quick clip in midnight blue:

3. Bette Midler

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Zimbio)

Talking of a passion for pink, check out Bette Midler during the final performance of her The Showgirl Must Go On. An amazing woman, brilliant show and definitely one of those wish-we-were-there moments.

2. Lucille Ball

Showgirl Costumes

(Image from Vintage Gal)

Lucille Ball has done everything in entertainment including dancing in the Ziegfeld Follies as a professional showgirl. (Having her on our list isn’t cheating, right?)

She later went on to TV, film and became the first woman to run a major television studio. There is not enough applause for this fabulous, bawdy woman.

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1. Marilyn Monroe

Showgirl Outfits

(Image from We Heart Vintage)

In 1955 Marilyn Monroe rode this elephant as part of the Mike Todd Memorial. The benefit was for victims of arthritis and in front of 25,000 spectators. Wowser.

She remains, arguably, the most memorable woman in pop culture and we, like many, still idolise her today. All hail Marilyn!

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(Main image from The Awl)

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