Aurora Galore

Burlexe Run 2012 – 2013

In 2012, we moved from showcase to a Burlexe run at the now legendary Shadow Lounge. The original cast of Javine Hylton, Chloe Ewart, Dympna Messenger and Fancy Chance was boosted by the hosting skills of Jo King and the…
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Alternative Burlesque Icons

Alternative Burly Icons

Friend of Burlexe, Aurora Galore, gives us her list of alternative burlesque icons, to share the different places the genre can gain inspiration and to give us a little inspiration too. (more…)
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Burlique Boutique Arrives

One of our favourite ladiiies and stars of the Burlexe show is Rubyyy Jones the proud new owner of Burlique. Her latest enterprise is the fabulous new burlesque boutique in the heart of Camden. (more…)
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