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Burlesque Movie

Cabaret and Burlesque Movie Cabaret Soup

Cabaret and burlesque YouTube movie Cabaret Soup features la crème de la crème of the UK’s scene including Burlexe and Boylexe stars and friends Fancy Chance, Trixie Malicious, Phil InGud, Reuben Kaye, Chiqui Love, Violet Blaze, Empress Stah, Blanche Dubois,…
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London Burlesque Show

What is Burlexe? The story…

“Burlesque saved me. It’s true. “I am Howard, Burlexe’s Creator and Artistic Director. And Burlexe happened at a time of utmost difficulty for me; I was totally bogged down by recession and business worries whilst gradually realizing that I’d walked…
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