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Burlexe has partnered exclusively with Jo King, the only British Burlesque Legend,
founder of the London Academy of Burlesque and originator of Kingesis confidence choreography to bring you the ultimate in burlesque classes. This course is perfect for all ages, all body shapes and abilities – and ideal if you just want to have some fun and do something different or are a beginner, an amateur or even a professional wanting to sharpen up your moves. Jo is bringing her unrivalled expert tuition in feminine movement and body confidence online for the very first time.

Meet Your Tutor Jo King

Jo has been teaching for over 40 years, was the very first person to create a burlesque and striptease school in the UK and has subsequently taught thousands of women including a number of celebrities (including actress Dawn O’Porter, supermodel-turned-actress Agyness Deyn, international showgirl, Immodesty Blaize and Burlesque Bombshell Bettsie Bon Bon. amongst many others) how to embrace, enhance and express their femininity.

We’ve long pointed out that nearly all burlesque roads in London lead back to uber doyenne Jo King.

Time Out Magazine

If you want to learn how to burlesque dance for professional or personal reasons or just for fun, this is definitely the place to start. We are giving you the option to try one of the key modules for free, so you can get a sense of the classes.

What’s Included

Over 45 minutes, Jo will walk you through the basics of burlesque, helping you with all the core moves and how to put them altogether in various ways with the exclusive Burlexe track, ‘Star of the Show’.

I love making people’s dreams come true. I want all my students to learn how to love themselves – and I do this through the hallmarks of burlesque; movement, sensuality, glitz, glamour and a lot of laughter. So often in my experience, people have never been told that they’re attractive, sexy or worthwhile. I want everyone to feel comfortable and fabulous in their own skin and it starts by helping to build their self-confidence.

Jo King

Burlesque Masterclass Lessons

Purchase the masterclass to receive all lessons, or purchase separate lessons of your choice.

Warm up

Just under 9 minutes to get you ready


Strike a pose in just 4 minutes

Wiggling  – LEARN FOR FREE

5 minutes to get your wiggle


3 and a half minutes to grind those hips


7 and a half minutes to make it sexy


Two types of turn in just under 5 minutes

The Top Shimmy

Two and a half minutes to work it!

Bottom work

5 minutes of pure bottom magic

Reveal and conceal

2 and a half minutes to add some special sauce


2 minutes to feel great about your body


Remove them elegantly in 5 minutes

Putting It All Together #1

All the moves in action

Putting It All Together #2

All the moves in action… and now with music

Watch A Taster Lesson...

Learn How To Wiggle

Why not take 5 minutes out of your day to get your wiggle on. Watch out taster lesson to see what’s in store for our exclusive Burlesque Masterclass.


Send us your moves...

Jo looks forward to reviewing students moves. If you would like some feedback, pointers, or just to show off, please fill in our contact form and included a link to your video footage and Jo will respond in due course.

STEP 1: Video Your Moves

STEP 2: Upload to Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube etc.

STEP 3: Fill in our contact form & include the link to your video

Jo looks forward to reviewing students moves. If you would like some feedback please add a link to your video footage here and Jo will respond in due course.
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