Burlexe is a unique live experience combining performance, songs and the stories of showgirls, performers and inspiring women who work in this space. Learn about our history, discover our inspirations and meet the women who’ve been involved along the way.

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London Burlesque Show

What is Burlexe?

“Burlesque saved me. It’s true. “I am Howard, Burlexe’s Creator and Artistic Director. And Burlexe happened at a time of utmost difficulty for me; I was totally bogged down by recession and business worries whilst gradually realizing that I’d walked…
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London Burlesque Show Music

Burlexe Music

Since Burlexe launched in November 2011, our burlesque show music has always been a big part of what we’re about, so we’ve finally pulled together the different tracks… (more…)
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Burlesque Monologue

Burlexe Burlesque Monologue

During every performance of the Burlexe show, the following burlesque monologue has always proved popular. Not only because of the wonderful burlesque dancer, Luna Rosa, but because we like to think some of the words ring true. (more…)
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