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Latest Hair


Glitter Roots

If you’re after burlesque hair, vintage curls or cool colours, get some inspiration to transform your everyday ‘do into a show-stopper.

Latest Make Up

Janie from Tinsel Cosmetics surrounded by feather boas

Burlexe + Tinsel Cosmetics

We’re so thrilled to be stocking Tinsel Cosmetics fabulous range of burlesque lipsticks. And of course, we wanted to find out more about the inspiration for these fabulous products and of couse the woman behind them. (more…)
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Pink Eye Makeup

False Eyelash Problems

If anyone should know what it’s like to have false eyelash problems, it’s burlesque and cabaret performers who wear them on a regular basis. While wearing falsies is generally not an issue for people, we asked our network what problems…
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Make Up

Burlesque Beauty

Bring a little showgirl magic into your life. Whether you’re looking for cool, new beauty ideas, burlesque makeup or how to create classic looks, get tips from the women who know how to dazzle best.