Conceived by digital creative Howard Wilmot, Burlexe was inspired by his love of female-driven entertainment, performance and music. Here’s how all his inspirations came together to create something brand new.

Cross-Platform Entertainment: Burlexe 3.0

Burlexe has been on quite a journey since Howard Wilmot brought this to life almost ten years ago and is now entering a new cross-platform entertainment phase. We’re calling it Burlexe 3.0! Cross-Platform Entertainment While things have been quiet for…
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Woman at dressing table with cocktail ingredients

Burlexe Burlesque Films 2015

The Burlexe Burlesque Films were launched in 2015. At the heart of Burlexe are a series of stories, written by artistic director Howard Wilmot about the lives of women in burlesque… Or the herstory of showgirls if you prefer. (more…)
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Burlexe Run 2012 – 2013

In 2012, we moved from showcase to a Burlexe run at the now legendary Shadow Lounge. The original cast of Javine Hylton, Chloe Ewart, Dympna Messenger and Fancy Chance was boosted by the hosting skills of Jo King and the…
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London Burlesque Show

What is Burlexe? The story…

“Burlesque saved me. It’s true. “I am Howard, Burlexe’s Creator and Artistic Director. And Burlexe happened at a time of utmost difficulty for me; I was totally bogged down by recession and business worries whilst gradually realizing that I’d walked…
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