The Burlexe Film: First Look

Sabrina King wearing hot pink feathers and evening gloves poses in front of a black curtain in a theatre.

It’s been a long journey but we’re soon to release the Burlexe film based on our previous series of shows which ran in Soho’s (now long gone) Shadow Lounge.

The Burlexe film features a variety of performers and long-standing friends, some of whom appeared in the original show: our original hostess with the mostest, Kele le Roc is joined by our guru, Jo King, performers Fancy Chance and Glory Pearl.

The film also features two new talents, Sabrina Lula King, pictured above, and Tamika Williamson, whose talents we’re very excited to showcase.

And your first taste of the Burlexe film is here with Sabrina below.

The film is inspired by burlesque performers past and present, bringing the essence of the original shows here online and mixing empowering stories with exciting performances.

Fancy Chance seated in a dressing room wearing a black headdress and with a hot pink shoulder detail.
Fancy Chance

If you’re new to us, you may be interested in the story behind the show and the brand.

Glory Pearl wearing a hat and all in black, sits smiling in a disabled toilet.
Glory Pearl

We’ve already released two tracks with Kele, with the first of the two, ‘Star of the Show’ featuring in the short film too. Scroll down to check out the tracks on Spotify but they’re also available on all good streaming services.

And here’s where to find out more about the burlesque tracks.

Kele le Roc with Zinzile Tshuma

Says Burlexe creator, Howard Wilmot:

Burlexe has been a long-standing labour of love from the start. We hope that by filming the show, we’re able to share and bring the important transformational message of burlesque, the stories of the inspirational performers who shaped the genre and the immense talents of our stars to even more people. We hope we’ve done burlesque proud.”

Adds Burlexe guru, Jo King:

I am so excited that the Burlexe film will be streaming this year: 2024 is proving to be a magical year for all things burlesque. This film is a celebration of the joy, beauty, liberation and fabulosity of an art form that has been my lifelong passion!”

The Burlexe FULL-LENGTH Film and much, much more

The short film is just a taste of more to come: Burlexe, the feature film will be released later in the year with more stories, more performances and Kele’s performance of ‘We Are Who We Are’.

We’ll also be opening the film up to performers, new or established, who would like to take part in this experience too. Please stand by for further information about how to get involved.

The short film is also coinciding with a new venture for the Burlexe brand which brings together the spirit of Burlexe / burlesque, real-life experiences, new products … and maybe some cocktails too! It’s something unique we hope you’ll love.

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Burlexe ft Kele le Roc - Star of the Show

Our first ever track is a banger and sees us reuniting with our hostess with the mostest, garage and r’n’b legend, Kele le Roc.

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