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Boylesque show Boylexe is a spin-off from the critically acclaimed burlesque show Burlexe.

The second in artistic director Howard Wilmot’s cabaret trilogy, the show takes a similar theatrical format, mixing storytelling, song and male striptease or ‘boylesque’ with a pinch of drag.

Our shows star the very best of the UK cabaret and boylesque scene specially handpicked for their roles in the show and are available in various formats.

Boylesque show Boylexe moved to a new venue, Cecil’s in London Bridge in 2015 though its next incarnation is in association with Burlexe for This Is Burlexe.

Boylexe: The Story So Far

The Story


Yes, boys perform burlesque as well. Discover the inspiration behind the male incarnation of our unique brand from showmen, strongmen to drag.

The Show

Boylexe Pop Ups

Male striptease and boylesque show Boylexe took a step over into the dark side Spring – Autumn 2015 when we shook our booties in a whole new way for The Shadow Lounge’s Saturday nights with a series of Boylexe pop…
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Boylexe Burlesque Costumes

On 4th July 2014, male striptease show Boylexe returns to the newly refurbished Shadow Lounge, so we thought it was only right that we should have a refurbishment of our burlesque costumes to match. We have already upgraded our branding…
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What is Boylesque

Just like the Burlexe burlesque show, Boylexe brings together multiple male art forms to create a unique experience, heavy on muscles, make up and glitter.