The Boylexe boylesque show echoed the format of its sister outing, burlesque show Burlexe, bringing together a mix of stories, song and performance as well as some fun and memorable interactive moments.

At the heart of the boylesque show were the stories of performers, both historic and contemporary. Just like the women, these tales were undiscovered and fascinating in a completely different way, casting light on a collection of performers faced with very different challenges and agendas.

Boylexe BOYLESQUE Show Stories

We were influenced by a variety of performers, cabaret, drag and boylesque performers including cross dressing trapeze artist Barbette, also the inspiration for Victor Victoria as well as our very own Phil InGud.

Here’s a taster of the stories with regular performer, Mr Crute.

Boylexe Music

Just as Burlexe uses music that reflects the genre, so did our boylesque show, but pulling from much more contemporary sources. P!nk featured heavily naturally – U + Ur Hand was the natural finale complete with oversized sponge hands. Make of that what you will.

Anyone who came to the boylesque show will remember Meth’s legendary take on ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’, Pi the Mime’s Spice Girls medley, Phil InGud’s anything and Bobby Dee’vah doing just what Bobby De’vah does… hang on a minute, why are we even mentioning Bobby Dee’vah? He should know his place by now.

The show differed from Burlexe in that the audience was also a big star thanks to interactive quizzes, the penis piñata and strip roulette which did exactly what it said on the tin.

Hopefully, we pushed more boundaries, showed more flesh and gave a spotlight to stage kitten Bobby Dee’vah’s desperate antics.

You’re welcome.

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