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Burlexe is a
celebration of women

Inspired by the glamorous world of showgirls and burlesque, Burlexe is a celebration of women.

We are a unique brand, giving you life through uplifting shows, feelgood tutorials, statement accessories… and not forgetting the fascinating stories of performers themselves.

Welcome to your show.


Image of Kele le Roc in top hat and evening gloves, posing with her hand resting on her top hat

Burlesque Inspired ‘Star of the Show’ track with Kele le Roc

Burlesque-inspired track ‘Star of the Show’  is a unique take on the genre that teams Burlexe with r’n’b and garage legend Kele le Roc. Listen to it via Spotify below but it’s available on all good streaming services. This is the latest collaboration between Burlexe and Kele le Roc, who’ve previously worked together on various live incarnations of the Burlexe…
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The Latest From Burlexe

Hurrah for World Burlesque Day 2022

  World Burlesque Day has now become an institution, thanks to the stewardship, glamour and hard work of its creator Sapphira. And World Burlesque Day celebrates its third anniverary on 26th April 2022, the date of Gypsy Rose Lee’s death…
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Illustration of showgirl with TikTok logo

TikTok Burlesque Performers To Follow 

 With over 800 million active users worldwide, video sharing social network service TikTok isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so even if you’re not going to indulge your inner showgirl, it’s worth shortlisting TikTok burlesque performers to follow. TikTok Burlesque Performers…
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Meet 5 LGBT Icons and Burlesque Pioneers

Originally founded in 1994 by American high school teacher Rodney Wilson, LGBT History Month is an annual celebration and honouring of the history of the LGBT+ community and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t celebrate LGBT icons and pioneers…
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Janie from Tinsel Cosmetics surrounded by feather boas

Burlexe + Tinsel Cosmetics

We’re so thrilled to be stocking Tinsel Cosmetics fabulous range of burlesque lipsticks. And of course, we wanted to find out more about the inspiration for these fabulous products and of couse the woman behind them. (more…)
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