Janie from Tinsel Cosmetics surrounded by feather boas

We’re so thrilled to be stocking Tinsel Cosmetics fabulous range of burlesque lipsticks. And of course, we wanted to find out more about the inspiration for these fabulous products and of couse the woman behind them.

Introducing Tinsel Cosmetics

Name: Janie

How did you get into cosmetics and develop Tinsel Cosmetics? I have always loved makeup but knew I wanted to develop my own line of lipstick when I was singing at professional gigs. The lips would always wear off on the microphone or dry out!

Over  a course of two years I worked with a chemist to develop a formula for lipstick for performers. After that, Tinsel Cosmetics was born!

What does Tinsel Cosmetics entail? A lot of creative direction for shoots, which is my artistic outlet. Right now we are planning for spring color launches and new products to the site. I also collaborate with many professionals in different areas such as burlesque and opera. When it’s not Covid times, I always look forward to vending at live events!

What do people not realise about your work? People don’t realize that all it takes is one step and a decision to decide to try out your business idea! I sat on launching Tinsel Cosmetics for months because of fear. One of my good friends coached me into finally making the website live! If you dream it, do it. You will never look back.

Burlesque lipstick

What’s your best-seller burlesque lipstick and why? Rockabilly Red is our best-selling colour since it is the most classic red and works for any skin tone. It’s bright enough for the stage but also works every day for work. Even redheads like Rockabilly Red!

What’s your ambition for the business? Ultimately, I want Tinsel Cosmetics to be a global brand for pinups, performers, and women everywhere. I envision Tinsel Cosmetics being a beacon for women who live their lives on their terms and enjoy every minute.

What’s your connection with burlesque? I am also a burlesque performer in my personal time. Because I sing professionally, I combined my love of costumes and music, and can’t think of a better way to showcase both!

Who’s your burlesque icon? Medianoche. I saw her perform in Las Vegas and was in awe of her stage presence, costumes, well, just everything! She is a wonderful modern performer who really encompasses the art form in all ways.

What has burlesque taught you?   Burlesque has taught me self-confidence and to just go for it. When I first started I always felt self-conscious about myself- my body, if I sang each note perfectly, if I was entertaining enough, etc.. After performing burlesque I learned how to fully let go, enjoy, and create art for the sake of creating art.

Burlesque truly taught me how to express myself without anxiety about what anyone else thinks, with the confidence to follow through! The benefits of performing have permeated my life in a myriad of personal improvements.

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