Glitter Eyebrows

Add even more sparkle to you life with this glitter eyebrows tutorial. It’s on trend, ideal for when you’re regrowing your eyebrows and frickin’ fabulous.

Glitter Eyebrows Makeup Tutorial

It’s no secret that we are all about that glitter life. We sprinkle the good stuff into your everyday.

Glitter eyebrows are the latest glamour and glitz makeup trend to steal the interwebs’ heart. Now you can create your own and if you’re anything like us, you already have the tools.

Applying glitter brows is perfect for festivals, girl’s nights out and of course burlesque. Not to mention, they’re selfie gold. Lets do this.

How to Apply Glitter Eyebrows

Firstly, learning how to do perfect eyebrows is key as you’ll be starting with the best base to suit your face shape. Then you need clean brows and the tools of the trade.

  • Clean (used) angled brush;
  • Eyelash glue (or eyebrow gel);
  • Loose glitter eyeshadow;
  • Matching or complimenting eyeshadow;
  • Eyeshadow brushes.


You can begin by applying eyeshadow if you want your final look to be more colourful. This can either be a matching or complimenting shade.

Otherwise, use an angled eyebrow brush that you’re willing to be glitter-only and apply eyelash glue. Start at the inside of the brow and go section by section.

Top tip: When you use fake eyelashes you usually wait a beat for the glue to become opaque for the best stick. This trick can also be used with glitter eyebrows.

Now it’s all about figuring out how glittery you want to go. You can sprinkle or go full-glam.

For the latter, you can always apply another layer of glue and glitter over the top. So get experimenting.

Expert makeup ideas: Once you’ve mastered glitter eyebrows, why not try ombré. Use three colours for the beginning, middle and end of your brow.

Alternatively, fill-in your eyebrows as per usual and forego highlighting makeup for a glitter line beneath the brow. Tag us on Instagram so we can see the beautiful results.

Learn how to Glitter Hair and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Images: Potoczna, Haute Rebel, Tenelle Veira, Lime Crime, and Nearer The Moon.)

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