How to Apply Glitter Tattoos

Who said temporary body art is just for kids? Here’s how to apply glitter tattoos that you can enjoy at any age and then wipe off.

How to Apply Glitter Tattoos

We at Burlexe are inspired by showgirl herstory and love to give you the tools to feel frickin’ fabulous. This often includes wonderfully OTT makeup.

New to our online boutique is a fabulous and fun range of glitter kits: check out how they look, as trialled by burlesque superstar Sukki Singapora below.

Now you can get your talons on your very own glitter tattoo set here’s everything you need to know. Learn what you get, how to use it and some fun ideas of where to use it.

Temporary Body Art Locations

Tattoos are very much in fashion but why pick one image in one location when you can mix it up and sparkle at the same time. Temporary glitter tattoos allow you to try different shapes in different locations. Here’s five to get you thinking.

  • Shoulder, as in our top image, sultry and stands out;
  • Legs because going without tights should be fun;
  • Wrists for small and sweet glitz;
  • Foot because why should a walk be glitter-free;
  • Upper-arm, the 90s are back after all.

Themed Party Ideas

Glitter tattoos are great for all kinds of events whether it’s a festival, Halloween, a girl’s night out or a playful night in. They can also add some pizzazz to a themed party. Here are five of our favourite ideas to try out.

  1. A burlesque party (obviously!);
  2. Walk Like An Egyptian;
  3. Spice Up Your Life (you know you miss the Spice Girls);
  4. A Night Beneath the Stars;
  5. Happy 4th of July.

Glitter Tattoo Kit

A glitter tattoo kit comes with everything you need to get started. Here’s the parts to creating your very own temporary body art.

  • A glitter tattoo stencil;
  • Glitter glue;
  • Body glitter pots in six glorious shades;
  • Set of brushes;
  • Wipes.

Step by Step Makeup Glitter Tattoos

Step One

Before learning how to apply glitter tattoos you first need to choose the location. Then make sure your skin is clean and dry. This means no lotions. You can use a surgical spirit which is available from most chemists.

Top tip: It’s recommended that you don’t use temporary tattoos on children under three. Plus, those with sensitive skin should try a little test on their skin 24 hours beforehand.

Step Two

Remove the film from your glitter tattoo stencil and place it sticky-side-down on the body part where you wish to have your body art.

Step Three

Gently paint on the glitter glue and leave until it becomes transparent and tacky.

Top tip: Paint from the outside in so you don’t push up the stencil or get glue under it.

Step Four

Use the application brush to apply the best body glitter. Begin by sprinkling so you don’t get messy with the glue.

Top tip: Why not use more than one glitter colour? Different shapes can be different colours. You can go two-tone by mixing two complimenting shades. If you have a steady hand you can also apply one colour on one half of the shape and another on the other half. Time to experiment!

Step Five

Carefully remove the glitter tattoo stencil and use the buffer brush to carefully sweep away excess glitter. Et voila! Now you know how to apply glitter tattoos and are ready to sparkle in the spotlight.

Step Six

Tattoos are in vogue but the best thing about temporary body art is that you can take it off. To remove temporary glitter tattoos you can use the wipes from the glitter tattoo kit. You can also use oil (skin oil and olive oil both work well) or you can scrub with soap, if that’s your thang. Then you can experiment some more.

Get your glitter tattoo kit now.

Check out our quick-fire introduction to burlesque history.

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