Pink Eye Makeup

Step up your beauty regimen with our favourite pink eye makeup ideas. Here’s how to wear pink eyeshadow for every taste, season and complexion.

Pink Eye Makeup Ideas

Pale Pink Eyeshadow

Pink Eye Makeup

(Image from A Brush With Colour)

Pale pink eyeshadow is the perfect time to try eyeshadow shading. By adding different shades you can accentuate the area making your eyes look bigger.

For a more subtle look you can try adding darker shades of pink to the crease and outer-eye. Alternatively, you can go for a full smokey eye by adding some black, perfect for winter eye makeup.

Hot Pink Eyeshadow

Pink Eye Makeup

(Image from The Makeup Club)

Hot pink eyeshadow, on the other hand, is a statement all on its own and ideal for summer eye makeup. Take it up a notch with contouring and highlighting makeup.

The pro tip is to try out different colours like warm oranges and metallics, especially golds. It’s the ideal way to go from the beach to the bar in warmer climates.

Pink Glitter Eyeshadow

Pink Eye Makeup

(Image from Pony Makeup)

There are many ways to wear glitter eye makeup. The most subtle is to use a glitter eyeshadow with powder and sparkles in the same tone.

A silver, gold or copper glitter, however, is the best way to sparkle during the holiday party season. Whereas, a hot pink glitter eyeshadow over a pale pink is perfect for festivals in the sunshine (or not).

Pink Top Eyeliner

Pink Eye Makeup

(Image from Makeup by Evva)

Applying top eyeliner can be a trying skill to learn but always makes a classic eye makeup look. The first step is picking your favourite method.

There’s liquid, pencil, gel and pen and when you have yours then the fun begins. Pink eyeliner doesn’t have to be coupled with pink eyeshadow, it also looks great on nude.

Then you can choose whether to do one line or use a thicker line and put your usual black line over. Then you can experiment with eyeliner shapes for an entirely new look.

Pink Bottom Eyeliner

Pink Eye Makeup

(Image from Trend Fashioner)

Finally, the best way to finish any pink eyeshadow look is by adding a little below your lower lash-line. Although, you clearly don’t have to be wearing eyeshadow on your eyelid to pull this look off.

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