Different Eyeliner Styles

Different eyeliner styles are a quick and subtle way to expand your beauty arsenal. Why not try these because eyeliner isn’t going out of style any time soon.

Different Eyeliner Styles to Try Now

We first shared our basic eye makeup tips for everyday perfection. Then we gave the top burlesque beauty tricks on how to apply top eyeliner.

Mastering the basics means practise, practise, practise and knowing which tools work for you. Whenever you apply eyeliner it’s good to first know which type you like.

As before:  gel eyeliner is good for smudging if you like a more rock chick look. Whereas, liquid is good for fine lines and precision. Whilst, an eyeliner pen is simple and relatively fuss-free. Pencil eyeliner, on the other hand, allows you to draw thicker lines with ease. Experimentation is always fun and can give you a feel for each.

Before trying different ways to do eyeliner you also need to put on your base. This can include primer, foundation and/or eyeshadow.

Top tip: Apply your concealer afterwards. This saves you time on re-applying eye makeup. Plus, concealer helps keep your eyeliner in place. That way you can make a mess and save face. Most of the time.

How to Apply Top Eyeliner

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How to Apply Eyeliner

If you like to keep your makeup quick and simple then you can take the basics up a notch with the wave of your eyeliner wand. Why not take one flick to a double flick? Or take that thick flick to a glamorous one?

These eight sleek looks can be dressed up and dressed down for every occasion. A sixties mod style goes perfectly with eyeshadow in neutral tones. Whereas, a classic bar or Arabic line go wholly with a red lip. They’re classics for a reason. Work ’em!

Different Eyeliner Styles

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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

If you’re a fan of eyeliner you might have your date night look, drinks with the girls finish and everyday office style. Though, there’s a loooot of different shapes to choose from.

Why not try liquid eyeliner which allows for the most precision. If this isn’t your approach of choice then here are some tricks to get a finer finale.

Top tip: Have you tried a spoon, business card or tape to help you draw within the lines. Find your best stencil tool to match your applicator and voila!

In this pic you will first see 1. Classic and 2. Pin-up. The difference is in the flick. The upward line from the corner of your eye can be straighter or diagonal. This lengthens the line and takes you from vintage to va-va-voom.

Then you can see 3. Smooth and 4. Simple. Sometimes it feels easier to make a thicker line but a thinner one can allow your natural lashes to shine. Alternatively, tightlining can fake an even more au naturale finish.

Meanwhile, 5. Drama and 6. Luxe can use new thicker eyeliner pens to get a more statement finish. These can overpower your eye shape and lashes so flasies may be in order.

Top tip: You can replace black with white eyeliner on your waterline. This is a form of highlighting makeup which will widen the eyes.

A 7. Feline flick can be taken to the next level with 8. Egyptian style. This is great eye makeup for parties and for stage kittens. Burlesque makeup is about shining in the spotlight so being overdone is better than being outdone.

Top tip: Use bottom eyeliner on slightly more than half  of your lower lash line. This will make your eyes appear larger. It involves slowly graduating the line from thick on the outside to non-existent. Trust us and try it!

Lastly, there’s seemingly small matter of changing the thickness of the line and where it starts with 9. Bold 10. Everyday 11. Double Up and 12. Basic.

You don’t need to begin your eyeliner on the very inside of your eye. Starting it a little further back makes a fresh everyday look.

Then adding more curve to the very middle of your eyelid can widen and round the eye. Whereas a flat line can elongate your eyes. It’s all about where you want to draw people’s attention.

Top tips: If you like to draw in the waterline then use an angled brush to add black eyeshadow on top. This will add staying power.

Be aware, however, that darkening the waterline can be aging. Over time it’s a good idea to switch to a paler tone of liner. Or even skip it altogether and use eyeshadow. Choose the darkest shade from your lid to create balance.

Different Eyeliner Styles

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Catwalk Eye Makeup Ideas

Finally, you can take inspiration from the world around you. Some of the most OTT examples are straight off the catwalk. High fashion draws attention and these different eyeliner shapes demand it.

Every year sees experimentation and innovation. These 18 striking offerings will provide hours of eye poking fun. Then there will be a whole new batch for next season. So keep your peepers peeled.

Different Eyeliner Styles

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