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If anyone should know what it’s like to have false eyelash problems, it’s burlesque and cabaret performers who wear them on a regular basis.

While wearing falsies is generally not an issue for people, we asked our network what problems they had experienced.

False Eyelash Problems

Below are the biggest false eyelash problems and issues people generally encounter but fortunately we’ve teamed up with Forhers.com to get the best advice on how to tackle this with dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

– Allergic reactions to eyelash glue

Unfortunately the treatment for allergies is avoidance. You can’t sidestep it. Once allergic always allergic.

Almost all eyelash extensions are glued on with a chemical glue cyanoacrylate. Allergic reactions to lash extensions are a result of a newly developed allergy to this glue.

Allergy to the lashes themselves is not the cause. Cyanoacrylate is the same active ingredients in the commercially available products Krazy Glue and Liquid Bandaid. Allergy to this glue is uncommon but once it occurs, you can no longer use it.

– Falsies pull your real eyelashes out

Never remove false eyelashes without removing the glue first. Most kits have a glue remover but if not, use a makeup remover. Soak them with the remover and gently remove with tweezers. This will help prevent loss of any real lashes.

Fake eyelash hygiene

– Hygiene when re-wearing false eyelashes

Remove any glue that is still on the eyelash, rinse it with warm water and do not use detergent on the lashes – the residual left on the lash will irritate the eye. It is best not to reuse false eyelashes.

– Fake eyelashes can be itchy

There can be an initial irritation that goes away. This is often because too much glue is used. It could also be the beginning of an allergic reaction and if this is the case will only get more intense. Again if this occurs with any regularity or increases with repeat use – avoidance is the best strategy.

– Wearing more than one pair of fake eyelashes at a time

The delicate skin on the eyelid and at the edge of the lid that connects to the mucosal aspect of the eye is easily irritated. The more glue or mechanical irritation from double lashes the more you increase your chances for an irritant or true allergic reaction. I would not recommend this to be done repeatedly.

False Lash Tips

– Best practice when wearing false lashes 

Less is more and moderation is important. Allergy to chemicals that touch the skin comes with repeated use and exposure. Allergic reactions to false eyelashes result from reactions to the glue – so use the least amount of glue necessary, go slow and let it dry a bit before applying, avoid the skin as much as you can and try to apply to the lashes and try to take lash holidays.

– Eyelash tips

Latisse or the drug Bimatoprost can thicken and lengthen natural fine hairs – eyelashes and in some cases eyebrows when used regularly. This is because the hair follicle stays in a growth cycle for a longer period of time before it is shed.

We hope that helps you overcome any false eyelash problems you may be encountering, but check out our other burlesque beauty posts for other ideas and inspiration!

Thanks to Forhers.com for helping us create this feature. It’s a US site delivering accessible, prescription based products to tackle skin, hair and sex concerns.

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