Must-See Burlesque Tattoos and Tattooed Burlesque Dancers

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Burlesque Tattoos

Take a look at our favourite burlesque tattoos, pin up tattoos and tattooed burlesque dancers and learn more about their ink.

Must-See Burlesque Tattoos and Tattooed Burlesque Dancers

The history of tattoos has been traced back to the pre-historic period. It developed in different places across the world using different techniques.

New techniques, the availability of training and the internet have further popularised tattoos on a global scale. We asked one of our favourite burlesque dancers about her ink. Plus, we take a look at the best tattoos in the industry and of burlesque performers.

Aurora Galore Tattoos

British burlesque dancer, Aurora Galore who first joined our Burlexe burlesque shows in 2011 and has gone on to perform all over the world. Learn about her ink on her body and in burlesque.

What do your tattoos mean to you?

“I guess always being a weirdo and being different, tattoos have been a cultural thing. There are many different cultures around the world that celebrate tattoos, however in the UK it has always been closely linked with the alternative music and lifestyle scene.

“They are in many ways synonymous with outcasts, people who like different music and have different viewpoints about society and how to live in that society.

“As I got older, and was a part of the metal music scene and culture and saw all these awesome people covered in tattoos; I knew that I wanted to cover my body in them. With amazing platforms like Instagram, I have been able to find incredible artists so it becomes very hard not to want to have their work on your skin.

“I also chose to cover my legs in tattoos as that has always been a part of my body that I hated about myself. Being short and curvy, I always felt self-conscious about my legs. When I was 19 years old, I decided that I would cover them completely with beautiful pieces of art that I would be proud to wear. I am still in that process as it takes a long time, but in the future I hope to completely cover my legs with artwork from artists all over the world. I have found beauty now in my legs and I am happy to wear them as I feel like they are a shared canvas.”



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Are your tattoos a form of self-expression, a collection of art or both?

“Both! I have some super artsy pieces, like my back-of-the-thigh tattoos that were inspired by the relics found in Germany and a statue of the Virgin Mary from the Catholic Church where my grandmother was baptised in Spain. Then I have more colourful pieces like my brocolli and corn simply because I love those veggies!

“Some of my tattoos just make me smile, some of them are a moment in time from a milestone in my life and a lot are collaborations between myself and the artists which are my favourite pieces. They mostly are things that make me happy to remind me of all the things I am lucky to have experienced.”



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Has an act and tattoo ever come from the same intent or inspiration?

Sort of. I was so inspired by Lady Gaga as ‘The Countess’ in American Horror Story that I did a tribute act to that character one year for Halloween. I also, this year, got that same character as a portrait tattooed on me, but it wasn’t because of the act. It was mostly because I just loved her as that character so much!”



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Tattooed Burlesque Dancers

If you are an ink appreaciator or are looking for inspiration then we’ve got you. Here’s some of our favourite burlesque tattoos on dancers.

Fancy Chance Tattoos

Neo-burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance first joined us for our very first London burlesque show. She has since gone on to join our ensemble cast for our burlesque films series. Plus, she’s got some gorgeous sleeves.

Beatrix Von Bourbon Tattoos

Beatrix Von Bourbon of Britain’s Got Talent fame has also starred in our burlesque shows in 2013. The international cabaret sweetheart has also paired her sleeve with a stunning chest piece.



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LouLou D’vil Tattoos

Finnish burlesque dancer, LouLou D’vil is known for winning the title of Miss Exotic World 2011. She also has beautiful burlesque tattoos. They include some of our favourite icons like Bettie Page, Satan’s Angel, Blaze Starr and Tura Satana.


LA burlesque dancer, pin up and aerialist, Demonpuff has a colourful life and a colourful collection of ink. Just take a look.



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Fans Burlesque Tattoos

Fans of every genre have been known to show their appreciation of an art form with tattoos. Here’s some of our favourites of burlesque dancers.

Dita Von Teese Tattoos

It will surprise no one that the world famous Dita Von Teese is a popular inspiration for burlesque tattoos. Here’s two of our favourites.



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Heather Holliday Tattoos

Fire-eater, sword swallower and all-round vixen, Heather Holliday is also a popular choice. Just look at these burlesque tattoos she shared.



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Shimona Henry Tattoo

This amazing tattoo of Shimona Henry captures the original photo in all its back-bending brilliance. Plus, those feather fans though.



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Stormtrooper Tattoo

Sub-genres of burlesque like nerdlesque have been growing in popularity and availability. See how this stormtrooper tattoo took shape and compare it to the original photo.

Watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from Retro Photostudio.)

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