We love sprinkling glamour into everyone’s everyday lives so today we’re sharing the top ways to add burlesque Isis wings into your wardrobe. Burlesque clothing is all the rage. Trust us, wink.

Bellydancing Burlesque Isis Wings

Isis is the goddess of nature and magic from Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire. She was believed to be the ideal mother and wife as well as a friend to all.

It’s not surprising that she has come to represent the embodiment of womanhood. The Isis wings dance is often performed in bellydancing. It has also crossed over into burlesque dancing.Burlesque Isis Wings

Currently, the influences of burlesque costumes have been peppered through high fashion. This has included risque leather designer Zana Bayne (above).

Not to mention Jean Paul Gaultier SS14 and his latest collaboration with Dita Von Teese (below). Now you can combine high fashion and one of the most popular burlesque costume ideas, burlesque Isis wings.

Burlesque Isis Wings

Isis Costume

The pioneer of modern dance, Loïe Fuller, can certainly be attributed with the popularity of Isis wings in burlesque dancing. A former burlesque dancer and Folies Bergères performer, she became known for her creative use of a skirt.

Within the art form today, burlesque Isis wings are used more at the end of a striptease to show a dancer’s skill with the prop. Whilst burlesque performers simultaneously tease and reveal their body.

If you’re looking to include some burlesque Isis wings into your routine then Ministry of Burlesque has a great discussion board. A lot of online links are no longer working but the general consensus is trawling eBay. Good luck!

Burlesque Isis Wings

Wings of Isis

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for some wings of Isis inspo in your life then you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of Isis tattoos sprouting up everywhere but you don’t need to make that big of a commitment.

For the perfect statement wings of Isis necklace look no further than TheNile. Though, if you’re looking for something a lil more art deco, hailing back to Loïe FullerSmithyJewelry has the one for you.

Whilst, ENTERSURPRISES offer some bronze plated and rhinestone earrings. Likewise, Mysticalserina offer some truly statement Egyptian Isis earrings.

Yet, our all-time favourites are the women’s scarves offered by Shovava (below). They’re beautiful, unusual and the perfect wrap for a brisk Spring day. What is not to love?

Send us pics of you and your burlesque Isis wings and wings of Isis inspo on Instagram and Twitter.

Burlesque Isis Wings

(Image from Shovava)

Check out Burlesque Clothing Inspired by Joan from Mad Men.

(Burlesque gifs from K969)

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