How to Make a Burlesque Headdress Fashion Statement

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Burlesque Headdress

We love sprinkling glamour into everyone’s everyday lives so today we’re sharing the top ways to add burlesque headdress inspo into your wardrobe. Burlesque costumes are all the rage. We should know, wink.

How to Make a Burlesque Headdress Fashion Statement

Burlesque headdress is a key costume term as Immodesty Blaize (above) knows. It’s hard not to love the glamour of a statement burlesque headdress.

Yet, it’s difficult to incorporate them into your everyday clothing. Luckily for you, we’ve got some ideas.

Here’s our favourite ways to wear a burlesque headdress this summer. Whether you want to stand out from the same old wedding hats, stay on trend at a festival or wow at a summer soiree, we’ve got one for you.

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Feather Hair Combs

Burlesque Headdress

(Image from Luxe Deluxe)

This beautiful feather hair comb from Luxe Deluxe is the perfect piece of glitz to wear on those blustery summer days. It will stay put, make a splash and look fabulous for any fancy event.

For something more delicate in a pink hue, look no further than milliner Kate Davison. This is a versatile feather headpiece and as we all know big hats and fascinators soon become a nightmare when you’re trying to greet and hug people. Nevermind, annoying the people seated behind you at a ceremony.

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1920s Feather Hairbands

Burlesque Headdress

(Image from Anusha)

Ever since The Great Gatsby adaptation the 1920s have been in in IN. Anusha offers this beautiful crystal and feather headband which brings the trend bang up to date.

It would be the perfect accompaniment to faux short hair, updos for long hair and for short hair. Either way, your do will be held in place for some sweet relief from the summer heat.

Britten Weddings also has a darling feather headband in pink, though a little pricey, it’s a piece that will last. Love it.

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Festival Feather Hair Clips

Feather Headdress

(Image from Urban Eco Beauty)

The festival season is also in full swing and whether you’re attending or you just like the fashion then feather hair clips are a must. This pretty in pink number is from Urban Eco Beauty.

This item can be used as hairband, hair decoration or even a necklace. They even have a handy video for all the ways you can wear it. Whilst Tiffanyyy offers a more typical lush mixed feather look.

Whatever you’re wearing, enjoy your summer and share your burlesque headdress inspo with us on Instagram and Twitter.

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(Main image from Rhinestones and Whiskey)

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