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London Burlesque Show Music

Since Burlexe launched in November 2011, our burlesque show music has always been a big part of what we’re about, so we’ve finally pulled together the different tracks… that have punctuated the monologues, the ones that Kele le Roc and Javine Hylton have sung and of course, everyone has performed to…

Our Burlesque Show Music

Our burlesque shows feature monologues sharing our stories inspired by burlesque dancers past and present. Our herstory of showgirls is then punctuated by burlesque dancing and song.

Now we’ve put together our burlesque show music so you can take the experience home with you. (And, like us, dance around in your underwear.)

We’re sure there’s a few we’ve missed out – please let us know! – but for your audio pleasure, here’s the hitherto Burlexe soundtrack. And not one unfloorfiller or emotive track amongst them…

Click into Spotify to enjoy everything from Imelda May to Edith Piaf; from Benny Goodman and his Orchestra to Basement Jaxx.

Not only is music the backbone of our show but, with a hostess like Kele Le Roc, how could we resist. Plus, every show ends with a dance-party.

We hope that feel-good feeling lasts all the way till the next time you are in our audience. Until then, think of us whilst you shake your thang.

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(Image c/0 Liz Simon, with thanks.)

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