Burlesque-Inspired Matte Liquid Lipstick



This lipstick doesn’t run or bleed. After it dries, it will wear for 10-12 hours! And if you’re concerned about having to wear a mask, they can definitely be worn as the lipstick does not wear off. What’s more, there are no crusty or dry lips like with other liquid to matte lipsticks.

It’s a cruelty-free, hyper pigmented matte (without drying) liquid lipstick which has been especially formulated for performers but are just as fabulous for people on the stage of life.

Every tube is packed with Vitamin E, and coconut and argan oil so your lips will stay put but won’t dry out. They’re perfect for sensitive skin and for anyone with allergies as they will not cause skin reaction for those who have irritation with skin products. Gluten allergy friendly and vegan.


We have six sumptuous colours to enjoy…

Rockabilly Red

Rockabilly Red is the Tinsel Cosmetics signature and most popular colour. It’s the perfect bold, classic red for every-day, stage, the office- anywhere!
It works on all skin tones with a bluish undertone.

Cabaret Crimson

Cabaret Crimson is a sultry, deeper red with hints of wine that will command attention. It’s a mid-range red in the Tinsel collection, not too dark and not too bright, and can be easily combined with any other Tinsel colour for an ombre lip or combined colour.

Revue Rose

Revue Rose is a deep rose with orange undertones that makes one reminiscent of the classic beauties of old.

Pin-up pink

Pin-up Pink is for the lady who loves to be feminine but isn’t afraid of being bold, either. This true pink electrifies your look and will be sure to turn heads.

Burlesque Berry

Burlesque Berry is a striking deep royal purple hue liquid to matte, with a hint of red base.

Bullet Bra Burgundy

Bullet Bra Burgundy is the perfect shade for any soiree!
Be the Belle of the Ball with deep burgundy vampy lips that stay all night.
Bullet Bra Burgundy is the result of mixing red with a dash of green and blue, resulting in brown with purple undertones. This is a great vampy color that can be also mixed with other Tinsel colors for different effects.”

About Tinsel Cosmetics

Tinsel Cosmetics create crazy good high performance matte liquid lipsticks and we’re stocking six of their sumptuous colours.

Originated by Janie, who just wasn’t satisfied with other lipsticks on the market which would all wear off or dry out your lips! Since she was a little girl, she was obsessed with fashion, cosmetics and performance and Tinsel Cosmetics is a passion project like no other.

Check out our interview with Janie: https://burlexe.com/collaborations/burlexe-tinsel-cosmetics/

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