Burlesque Pose

Ditch the thigh gap trend and put a little oomph into your selfies with these tips and tricks on how to pin up and burlesque pose.

Every new piece of technology has a camera attached somewhere and the self-papping generation is here. It’s unavoidable but not to fear, we’re here to share our cure and put a little burlesque into your life.

How to Burlesque Pose

We’re going to impart our list of vintage pin up and burlesque wisdom for posing and facial expressions to suit every shape and face. Whether you’re trying something new, mixing up your style or want to learn burlesque, these dos and don’ts will help you on your way to some fabulously flattering images.

Burlesque Beginners

For newbies there’s plenty of simple diagrams out there to get started with at home. Start by trying this list of classic pin up poses to make for some truly boudoir burlesque. Practise in front of your mirror and see which works for you:

Burlesque Pose

(Image from See Cate Create)

Burlesque Babes

The more experienced among you may be looking to add some props to your burlesque pose staples and The Perfect Pose has a list of items you may like to experiment with. To take your photos up a notch, there are even helpful how-to diagrams for fan dance poses.

Meanwhile, this video shows the basic pin up girl poses and expressions in practise. Inspired by cheesecake burlesque and Bettie Page, the creators prove why a thigh gap is unflattering and there’s not a prune pout in sight.

Learn more from the Dame of London burlesque with Jo King’s Burlesque Tips and Stories.

Burlesque Photographers

There’s a wide array of advice out there, from the pin up girl photographery to burlesque photoshoots. You can also find inspiration in classic burlesque photography from the pre-war hey day of burlesque performers and our favourite Pinterest board that proves even cats can do it.

The Burlesque Bow

If you’re looking to take one small, poised step and make one burlesque pose your staple, Gypsy Charms and Viva Misadventure have come up with this video:

Burlesque Bye Bye

This may be all well and good for the hen party but for those looking to pose in a more formal setting, like a wedding, look no further than the Rock N Roll Bride. She shares the good and the bad to help you make those pics memorable, for the right reasons.

Now you have the tools of the trade, get out there and get snapping. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

For a quick burlesque history lesson read Guide to Showgirl Burlesque with Bettsie Bon Bon and watch our video on what burlesque means.

(Main image of Betty Grable from Muse to the Pharaoh)

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