Burlesque History – Our Empowering Monologue

One of our most empowering dramatic monologues from our London burlesque shows as performed by the best and brightest in British burlesque. Watch it now.

The Dramatic Monologue

The Burlexe burlesque shows bring together dance, story and song to tell showgirl herstory. Our monologues are inspired by the real lives of burlesque dancers, past and present. There’s the women who created the genre and those who continue to perform it today.

These performances are then inter-laced with burlesque dancing giving our audiences a peak behind the curtain and a glimpse into this bawdy and beautiful world. We give a voice to the satirist, the risk-takers and the perseverers.

We have now launched our short films series which shares the stories from our burlesque shows. These star the actresses you see on our stage.

Our latest offering, however, has been taken on by stars of British burlesque and this monologue is like no other. It is about the empowerment of being a performer, an exhibitionist and the power of self-love.

We believe that every woman should feel empowered by her body and able to celebrate her femininity. Our burlesque shows and blog hold this at their core like this dramatic monologue. Enjoy!

Short Film Stars

To give this video the love and care it deserves, we’ve brough together some of our favourite British showgirls. Each performs a segment and embody a different aspect of this unique character.

First up is Toyin and Louise of the City Academy who discuss the idea of perfection. Their winning self confidence and sexuality makes them an unforgettable pairing.

Next up is our burlesque guru, Jo King aka. Goodtime Mama Jojo who we’ve known since before we had a show to call our own. As the founder of the London Academy of Burlesque, Jo has taught 30% of Europe’s burlesque dancers. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about how to seduce an audience.

The third performer of this monologue is our long-time collaborator Miss Glory Pearl. Her comedy and heart are just some of the reasons we love her and you should too.

You may recognise Chrys Columbine for her notorious Naked Nocturne routine where she plays the piano while performing a striptease. A woman who is memorable in more ways than one.

Then the self-professed sassy burlesque dancer, Velvet Jones whose angelic beauty and captivating smile entices onlookers far and wide. She talks about the relationship between performer and audience.

Last but not least is Burlexe bestie and all-round superstar, Sukki Singapora. The first woman to legally strip in Singapore is no stranger to the stage and her performance shows it.

Watch more of our dramatic monologues our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

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