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We are proud to present the Burlexe Burlesque T-Shirt, now available to buy exclusively via Burlexe.

As modelled here by Marie Antoinette, it’s the perfect burlesque gift, birthday or Christmas present for any showgirl, showboy or wannabe performer who wishes they could have a bit of showbusiness glamour in their life (especially in 2020).

Alternatively, buy a selection for your future hen party, team or Zoom outings.

The T-shirt was inspired by the classic “Tits” tee by Vivienne Westwood and conceived by artistic director Howard Wilmot with designs by longterm Burlexe collaborator accessories designer, Damion Le Cappelain.

It’s a digital collage featuring photography and pastie illustrations – and these pasties definitely stay on (find out how pasties stay on in real life).

The burlesque T-shirts come in a range of colours and sizes and are printed on demand.

And if you’d like to give us any feedback on our Ts, please comment below or via any of our social channels.

We hope you love them.

Visit our boutique for our Burlexe T and other burlesque-inspired desirables.

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