To celebrate the release of the F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation, we’re sharing this video that looks at the real The Great Gatsby fashion icons of the 20s.

The Great Gatsby Fashion Icons

Great Gatsby Fashion

Star of the long awaited film, Carey Mulligan, posed in 1920s glamour for her recent Vogue spread. The jazz, opulence and underlying debauchery of the era has inspired many a vintage gal (and guy) over the years.

The writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, himself was and is a huge influence. He even coined the term ‘The Jazz Age’. Now, the film itself has sprouted a not-so new trend for flapper fashion.

From the cocktails to the costumes and accessories, the world of The Great Gatsby film has already inspired a revival. Though, there’s a few who argue that the designs fall short along with the portrayal of women. Nevertheless the 2013 trend is here. We’ll all be doing the Charleston before you know it.

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This video shows the importance of preserving that time. The cropped hair and darkened petal pouts of silent movie stars like Mary Pickford are a source of inspiration for more than The Great Gatsby fashion.

It can be seen in modern music, like R’n’B singer Fantasia‘s music video. Now it can be gawked at on catwalks and as always, felt in the sumptuous, sultry world of burlesque.

Talkies gave us one of our most cherished burlesque legends, after all. Sally Rand started out as a silent movie actress but due to a speech impediment found herself out of work and looking for a new career. Thankfully for us.

She brought her movie star glamour to the stage and as her vast influence can still be felt today, it can still be seen in many a burlesque performance.

Burlesque is an art form which openly conveys its 20th century influences and there’s a lot more to these icons than the latest blockbuster. Hopefully its success will encourage the preservation of 20s popular culture across the board. Either way, we’re glad there’s some that do.

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(Image from The Back Seat Stylers)

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