How to Burlesque Hairstyles for Short Hair

Burlesque Hairstyles for Short Hair

Creating burlesque hairstyles for short hair can seem tricky but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got all the inspiration, quick tips and teasing tricks.

How to Burlesque Hairstyles for Short Hair

The internet has lots of hairstyle tutorial videos for every style and hair type. Finding the best one for you can seem like a big task. This is our list of vintage wisdom to create burlesque hairstyles for short hair in the comfort of your own home.

Burlesque Beginners

These are all relatively easy hairstyles for short hair that are quick to achieve. They can, however, add daytime glamour or evening va va voom to your locks.

Most pin up hairstyles for short hair include curls. We’ve used tutorials with straighteners, Hot Rollers, non-heat rollers, a curling iron and The Great Gatsby finger waves. Therefore you can choose to have that heat protection spray at the ready or not. Whichever variety of curling tool you pick, these videos can be adapted to suit you.

There’s also different lengths to short hair. We’ve included tutorials for shoulder length bobs and shorter. Time to get experimenting.

Everyday Burlesque

Ruth Nicholson has created this swift video for bobs that end around the hairline on the back of your neck. She curls her hair using straighteners and finished the look with a headband.

This adorable video creates a darling everyday hairstyle or leave the headband at home and use a fascinator for evening wear. This is the first of many 1940s hairstyles to add to your (soon to be) burgeoning collection. Enjoy!

Burlesque Bangs

The second great video teaches you how to achieve a victory roll with short hair. The look became popular in the post-war era and is also known as reverse rolls or reverse bumper bangs.

This technique shows you how to curl your hair if it’s all one length, without layers. It gives another great vintage hairstyle for short hair.

If it does take a few attempts to master the barrel roll (another term), please don’t be disheartened. Like everything, practise makes perfect.

Burlesque Secrets

For pin up and burlesque hair without the heat damage, this tutorial shows you how to use and style no heat rollers. The classic Hollywood look can be made tight and bouncy or soft and polished. Luckily, Lilith Moon is here to help.

You can achieve this Burlesque movie style even if your hair is naturally thin or flat. It’s ideal for vintage girls without a fringe. Get curling.

See Christina Aguilera rock this look in the Burlesque Film in Ten Terrific Gifs.

Burlesque Beauties

This video is also inspired by 1940s hairstyles, as the fashion of the decade suits shorter cuts. It’s based on the style of pin up girl and burlesque dancer La Cholita. When in doubt, follow the stripteaser’s lead to get burlesque hairstyles for short hair. Trust us.

The look is a sultry, curled updo, suited to blonde bombshells and beautiful brunettes alike. This style is ideal for a night out, sipping cocktails in the sun and especially at a burlesque show. Wink.

Aubrey London is a chatty Kathy but don’t let that deter you. Check out her hair tutorial and enthusiasm.

Short Short Hair

Returning to the 20s of The Great Gatsby, finger waves are a must-have skill. There are easy examples of how to get faux finger waves but these videos show you how to use the classic technique. It’s also a no-heat hairstyle which is great for dyed and bleached babes.

Firstly, there’s this professional salon video which makes it look easy:

Then, there’s this handy and popular video for black hair. This style uses finger waves in the front and natural curls in the back.

Here’s some tools to get you started, help you perfect your technique and nail those short hairstyles.

Learn How to Burlesque Hairstyles for Long Hair and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from She Knows)

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