Burlesque Pasties

A great money saving technique for any burlesque costume is to make your own burlesque pasties and nipple tassels. We share the best how-tos around, with these videos and step-by-step guides.

How to Make Burlesque Pasties and Nipple Tassels

The recession has hit us all hard but we can still make pretty things. Burlesque pasties and nipple tassels are a key part of every burlesque costume and a relatively easy part to make yourself. They’re also a great addition to any boudoir wardrobe. Hide a little to suggest a lot.

Burlesque Beginners

Part of making your own burlesque pasties and nipple tassels is the ending, applying them. There’s all different adhesives you can try. Pin Curl Magazine has created a guide on choosing the right one for you and how to use it.

Whichever form of adhesive you pick, they say, “Apply the adhesive to the outer ring of the inside of the pastie that makes contact with your skin. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.”

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Don’t wanna make your own?

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Burlesque Pasties

This video shows you step by step, how to makes pasties. Be aware that there’s a list of materials you will need before you can get started at home. Not everyone has a glue gun to hand but you will need one for most of these techniques.

The first video shows you how to make sequin covered pasties like the ones pictured above (minus the tassel). Burlesque pasties, covered in sequins can be a good place to start. The sequin strips cover the join that is created when you make the cone shape of the pastie. Therefore, if your initial glue work is a little messy it can be easily covered.

If you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous and this isn’t your first glue gun rodeo, Elle Revel made some adorable panda pasties. Nipple pasties come in all different shapes and yes, sizes so have a look around. There are plenty of wild and wacky ideas out there.

Learn How to Twirl Nipple Tassels.

Burlesque Beauties

If you decide to add nipple tassels to your burlesque pasties then the next video sees them attached before you make the cone shape.

As part of the Ministry of Burlesque, Ruby Rouge made this quick how-to for simple nipple tassels:

For more in-depth instructions, from start to finish, that are full of helpful tips, check out Mooky Chick. You’ll be happy to hear that they advocate double sided sticky tape.

In their opinion, “It is better to use double-sided tape on the edges as you won’t have to hold it in place until it dries.” Though, it’s likely that glue will last longer, if applied correctly.

They also suggest a way to attach the nipple tassel after making your burlesque pasties. They say, “To attach a twirling tassel, puncture a hole through the point of the cone with a needle, then pull the thread of the tassel through and tie a knot in the end (so the tassel hangs from the front and the knot is at the back). Trim off the excess thread.”

There’s different techniques which are all simple and down to personal style. Figuring out yours is half the fun.

(Main image by Bregan Hubbard)

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