How to Twirl Nipple Tassels
Learning how to twirl nipple tassels is a funtastic part of being a burlesque dancer but you don’t have to be one to give it a try. We share the top tassel twirling videos on how and why nipple tassel spinning is a must-have sultry skill.

How to Twirl Nipple Tassels

Some burlesque performers prefer to simply show off their pasties and oh, are they fabulous pasties. Like Dita Von Teese told The Look, “I don’t twirl. I like to be the best at what I do and I’m not the best at tassel twirling, so I don’t do it at all.”

Personally, we recommend trying anything at least once. Even Spenny and Jamie from Made In Chelsea have given it a go. You can’t do much and there’s no limbering required. We’ve nabbed the best tassel twirling videos to show you how to nail this burlesque dancing technique.

Burlesque Beginners

Mastering how to twirl nipple tassels is not an essential skill to learn burlesque but it can be a fabulous talent. You can show it off in the boudoir or if you’re feeling brave, your new party trick. has made this tongue in cheek practical guide. They begin with how to apply your nipple tassels before moving onto swinging them and then twirling in every different direction.

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Burlesque Beauties

Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque and writer of The Burlesque Handbook, Madam Jo Weldon has also made a how to twirl nipple tassels video. This burlesque beauty enlists two of her own manly beasts as suitable-for-work students.

Like our doyenne of burlesque, Jo King, there’s very little about tassel twirling that this lovely lady couldn’t teach you. She begins with the showgirl burlesque pose and moves onto stripping off and how to spin nipple tassels.

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The Art of Burlesque

Strapping on your breast tassels can be a fun first step if you want to learn how to dance burlesque. Inquisitive minds may be equally interested in the theory of why as well as the practical lesson of how to twirl nipple tassels.

Kittie Klaw shares the role of pasties and nipple tassels in burlesque and on stage. Along with the Ministry of Burlesque she offers this short but sweet video about the history of pasties tassels and tease.

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(Image from Ed Good Fellow)

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