Burlexe tackles the question: what is burlesque dancing? For many, burlesque is an unknown art form but take a look at our burlesque definition, taking a brief romp through burlesque history to neo-burlesque.

What is Burlesque Dancing in 70 Seconds

At the heart of Burlexe is a series of stories, written by artistic director Howard Wilmot about the lives of women in burlesque. First, however, you may have some questions about the genre and we’re here to help.

This burlesque video in our new series tackles the difficult question of ‘what is burlesque dancing’ and in 70 seconds no less. The Burlexe cast begin with the burlesque definition and go from there.

Burlesque vs Striptease

Our first burlesque film begins with our new (and hilarious) talent Emma Fisher rocking a Boylexe t-shirt. to the wonderful British actress, Gillian MacGregor.

The beautifully self-styled burlesque dancer, Fancy Chance follows before the demure and delightful, it’s Ginger Blush., ending with Miss Glory Pearl.

We also opened out the question to you our readers and here’s your take on the subject: ‘what is burlesque?’

Of course, burlesque is so much more than that – and of course, has long courted controversy due to its use of striptease. Of course, not all performances include this but for many, it’s polarising.

Who better than Goodtime Mama Jojo, who has experience in both performance styles, to discuss the subject; ‘Is Burlesque Just Stripping?’

Filming and editing by Neil Charlwood; fabulous styling by Holly Symmons and striking hair and makeup by Sue Michael of Novel Beings.

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