Burlesque Makeup Preparation Daily Routine

Burlesque Makeup Preparation

When most people think about burlesque makeup, they think about applying foundations, lip shades, mascara, eyeliner and all – not burlesque makeup preparation: how to prep the skin before applying the makeup.

Burlesque Makeup Preparation

The truth is, some people end up not loving the burlesque makeup they so lovingly applied on their face a few minutes ago. A vintage look is great but you can get frustrated because you can’t find the secret formula of getting a glowing look like most professional burlesque makeup experts have.

You don’t have to give up on burlesque makeup if you’re not getting your desired results yet – everything takes time and practice to learn. Fortunately for you, applying beautiful makeup is not one of the hardest things to do – if you are willing to pay attention to details and prep your facial skin daily before layering it with your paints.

You see, your face is like the painter’s canvas. For paints to be applied smoothly on a canvas to make a beautiful picture, the canvas needs to be cleaned and well prepared. Same with the face and makeup – for the makeup to sit comfortably and glow on your face, the face needs to be specially prepared for it. There are many ways of doing it, from DIY facial masks to following a proper skin care routine. One thing is real, your skin needs care and love!

Skin Care Before Makeup

Unfortunately, very few of us ever think about these crucial facial prepping steps, hence the daily frustration of ending up with less than perfect makeups. Sometimes we may even expose ourselves to far more damaging effects such as clogging of skin pores which invariably leads to acne breakouts.

Below we’ve outlined a few daily routines to help you create the poreless and magazine burlesque makeup you’ve always wanted.

Step 1: Cleanse

It is best to apply the makeup on clean fresh skin (that’s true not only for burlesque though, all makeups should be applied on a clean face). To do this, you’ll need to cleanse your face. However, you’ll need to do that with a cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type. For dry skin, you’ll need to go for a cream cleaner that both cleanses and moisturises your skin at the same time. If you have oily skin, then you should go for a gel or foam cleanser as they are best for cleaning pore spaces without upsetting the skin.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable skin cleanser for your skin, you should then wash the face with lukewarm water while using just a dime-size of the facial cleanser. Massage it gently onto the face, allow to sit for 45 seconds and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Tone the skin

Many people overlook toners. Toner is an essential step in prepping your skin  especially as part of burlesque makeup preparation and you shouldn’t count it out even if you are pressed for time.

The purpose of toner is to wipe off leftover bacteria, dead skin cells and makeup that your cleanser might have missed.

In using a toner, however, you might want to stay away from those using alcohol as the base ingredient. Such toners can dry your skin out and may leave it a bit scaly. Do not scrub the face with the toner, you can simply add a little on a cotton pad and dab on your face, this will help cleanse the skin pores.

Step 3: Exfoliate

It’s important you exfoliate your skin regularly to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells. Most times, exfoliating twice a week is sufficient. If your skin feels raw and red, you probably are exfoliating more often than is good and you may want to give it more time, however. If the skin looks dull, however, you probably should exfoliate right away.

There are many ways you can exfoliate your skin. You can even do it right away when cleansing your face. Simply add your cleanser to a washcloth and gently rub this around your face in a circular motion. Ensure you wash the washcloth after each use, otherwise, you’ll be re-applying the dead cells again the next time you use it.

There are lots of scrubs on the market which have been specially formulated for skin exfoliation; you can easily go for one of those.

Step 4: Moisturise

We are all aware of the importance of moisturisers on the skin. They are not only important for retaining skin moisture, moisturisers are also essential for making beautiful makeup.

You’ll want to consider your skin type before making a final decision on the type of moisturiser you can go for. If you have oily skin or suffer acne breakouts, you should go for an oil-free moisturizer that is non-comedogenic. If you have dry skin, however, then you should go for a creamy moisturiser, this type gives dry skin a dewy look.

Most people believe in massaging the moisturizer into the skin. While this process is quite effective for the skin, it is not very effective for the facial skin. Rather you should gently use your fingertips to press the moisturiser onto your face instead of massaging it.

After applying the moisturiser, you should give it a few minutes to sit on your skin – at least five.

Step 5: Prepare Your Lips

Your lips are important as together with your eyes, they’re going to help you stand out. Before applying any lip shades like red lipstick, glitter lips or foil lips make up, your lips should also be part of your burlesque makeup preparation so that shades can be applied more smoothly and stay on for longer periods.

To prep your lips, you should start by cleaning them with a clean soft and damp washcloth. This should be done by rubbing the washcloth on your lips in a circular motion.

To keep your lip shades from soaking into your lips, you’ll need to moisturise the lips properly before the lip shades. The moisturiser actually comes in between your lips and the shades, hence preventing it from soaking into your lips.

Step 6: Prime

Nothing prepares your skin for the makeup you’re going to be putting on it like a good primer does.

There are lots of primers on the market which are great in burlesque makeup preparation, as such you’ll want to carefully consider your options and skin types before buying one. For instance, if you suffer acne or redness of the skin, you should go for a green primer as it works wonders for concealing skin redness.

There are no rules for primer applications – you can apply it all over your face or just dab it on the troubling spots.

You may use the primer with a foundation but without it, it’s still just great.

Now you’ve sorted out burlesque makeup preparation, get some inspiration by checking out the best eye make up tips, vintage beauty tips as well as British Burlesque Legend Jo King’s beauty tips.

Step 7: Apply Your Makeup as Usual

With burlesque makeup, your beauty is only limited by your imagination. Following these daily skin prep routine before applying makeup will not only help you make near perfect burlesque makeup for yourself, it’ll open doors to more creative and fun ways of beautifying your face and keeping it aglow all day long.

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