Burlexe Burlesque Lingerie

Burlesque Lingerie

Our new line of Burlexe burlesque lingerie that features in our cabaret shows London and this new sultry photoshoot. See our burlesque clothing in action.

Burlexe Burlesque Lingerie Range

At Burlexe we like to go further with our burlesque shows, digital experience and our partnerships. Now we’re launching a range of unique burlesque lingerie. It can be spotted as part of our performers burlesque costumes in our new show, This Is Burlexe.

The Burlexe Burlesque Lingerie is available in our online boutique and features the following:

Strapless Black Burlesque Body
Burlesque Bullet Bra
50s Burlesque Pants 

We have worked with Nearer the Moon since 2013, who produce tastefully erotic lingerie. It’s exquisite handmade luxury women’s lingerie in bespoke sizes. So who better to develop the collection of burlesque costumes for our new shows?

Nearer the Moon has developed an exquisite line of products that are both sexy and classic. They draw on burlesque inspiration (of course!) as well as iconic looks from the likes of Sofia Loren and Madonna.

See the inspirations behind the Burlexe burlesque lingerie range on Pinterest.

Burlesque Lingerie for the Stage or Boudoir

The new burlesque lingerie line features an elegant bodysuit, a contemporary take on the bullet bra and cute frilly pants. There’s also an innovative net robe-dress which can be worn over these sexy looks. Ideal for outerwear or the boudoir; for yours and your partner’s pleasure.

Here’s Kele Le Roc, in the show, modelling the bodysuit and robe dress.

Burlesque Lingerie

Every Nearer The Moon piece is ethically handmade in the UK. They support local businesses and reduce the carbon footprint of our items. Fabrics, trims and components sourced from as close to the studio as possible.

We also use designer roll ends and sample prints to reduce wastage in the fabric industry as a whole. These are alongside completely unique prints and colours that we couldn’t have independently manufactured.

Each piece takes from two to eight hours to make depending on the complexity of the piece and most of our lingerie is finished by hand. This means hand stitching every embellishment and tying every bow.

Tilly of Nearer The Moon still makes every piece of burlesque lingerie herself in her home studio. You can be sure that the quality of each item you receive is the absolute best.

Here’s how the bodysuit look on stage with Peggy De Lune.

Burlesque Lingerie

Burlexe Artistic Director Howard Wilmot says, “Since the inception of Burlexe, we’ve wanted to create a range of fabulous products that paid tribute to the history of burlesque and yet bring those looks bang up to date.

“Also to create a range that would look as great on the stage as it would on you at home. And thanks to Tilly at Nearer the Moon, we hope we’ve cracked it. We hope you love it and get as much enjoyment out of it as we’ve had in developing it.”

This is what the range comprises of:-
Strapless Black Burlesque Body
Burlesque Bullet Bra
50s Burlesque Pants 

And there are other lovely products including T-shirts and glitter in the online boutique.


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(Main image of Kele shot by vintage and pinup experts, V’s Anchor Studio.)

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