Goodtime Mama Jojo Burlesque History

Goodtime Mama Jojo

Get to know Goodtime Mama Jojo, the founder of the London Burlesque Academy who has been instrumental in our London burlesque shows.

Goodtime Mama Jojo Burlesque History

Goodtime Mama Jojo is also known as Jo King burlesque guru and the Head Mistress of the London Academy of Burlesque. She is sadly (for us) hanging up her tassels and retiring from burlesque dancing.

The godmother of British burlesque has taught over 30% of Europe’s burlesque dancers. She was also the first British burlesque dancer to perform at and be recognised by the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Her last burlesque performance happened took place this month but she is still available for private tuition. Book your lesson here.

Goodtime Mama Jojo stood by our side, like she has with so many others, as we entered the industry. Look back at our story together as we gleaned every inch of wisdom that we could.

May 22, 2015

We find out which burlesque icons Mama Jojo is inspired by in our latest video. Burlesque history is always the best place to start.

April 29, 2015

Goodtime Mama Jojo divulges the best and worst burlesque shows she has been a part of. There are lessons from the good and the bad.

April 15, 2015

Showgirls know all the beauty hacks from years spent in the dressing room and under stage lights. We learnt the best ways to put it on and take it all off.

April 6, 2015

We find out why learning burlesque is good for you. Goodtime Mama shares her tales of boosted self-esteem and re-invigored self-belief.

March 17, 2015

We find out the biggest burlesque lessons you can learn from other’s mistakes. Skip straight to flawless with her top five tips for any performer.

March 13, 2015

One of the most iconic burlesque dancing moves is a glove tease and Jo takes us through it step by step. A fun skill to learn and show-off.

July 2016, 2014

We collated a list of our favourite burlesque inspiration from the nineties. These included the most outrageous and iconic women of the decade.

We also added our favourite 90s burlesque dancer. Can you guess who?

October 21, 2013

Our guru teamed up with Bettsie Bon Bon to share their top tips on picking a burlesque outfit. This is a great place to start for any act or burlesque costume.

August 21, 2013

We find out how to become a burlesque dancer from Mama Jojo. We start with how she fell in love with the art form.

She also shares the pitfalls she has seen time and time again. These include how to stand out from the crowd and shine on stage.

July 23, 2013

We asked the question ‘what is burlesque‘ to bust some myths. The crucial question of whether burlesque is just stripping was also answered.

June 14, 2013

When you want to learn burlesque, who better to turn to than the best in the business? We can all learn a thing or two from this bawdy broad.

May 24, 2013

The worldwide community of the erotic arts and adult arena, Afterglow presented The History of Burlesque. Their events allow for networking and a healthy dose of alcohol.

Both Burlexe Creative Director, Howard Wilmot, and Goodtime Mama Jojo spoke at the event. They discussed where the genre came from, what it means and where it is today.

April 30, 2013

When we announced our latest run of burlesque shows starring Goodtime Mama Jojo. The continuation of a very special friendship.

April 8, 2013

We catch up with our muse and burly mother to hear her burlesque tips and stories. We can’t get enough of backstage goss.

March 22, 2013

Excitement is building for the annual London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show. We are loving the media coverage and obviously the endless tease.

February 19, 2013

We cannot wait till the London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show, expect some of the best in the biz. Plus, there’s a few familiar faces from our burlesque shows.

December 23, 2012

We ask what this British burlesque legend is going to do on her return to the UK (apart from our show). After a year away, we can’t wait to see her.

April 22, 2012

Goodtime Mama Jojo gives us the lowdown on her most influential women. We got the scoop on who inspired her in her career and life.

February 17, 2012

We asked one of our favourite wonderful women about one of her’s, Satan’s Angel. We got to the bottom of why she is an icon of the industry.

January 29, 2012

The doyenne of British burlesque had been sorely missed after being out of the country. Lucky for us she came back to the UK and our burlesque shows.

November 30, 2011

After working with our guru for some time we wanted everyone else to get to know her a little better. Our burlesque interview covered the advice she gives and has been given.

November 2, 2011

Before the return of our burlesque shows we shared some of the wonderful reviews. These came in after this lovely lady joined our cast.

October 18, 2011

The Creative Director of Burlexe, Howard Wilmot penned a love letter to burlesque. He said, “A day doesn’t go past that I don’t marvel at the majesty of Goodtime Mama Jojo.”

July 1, 2011

Goodtime Mama Jojo was joined on our stage by two of the best guest burlesque girls. What a show it was.

June 20, 2011

Goodtime Mama Jojo starred alongside the best in British burlesque at our June 22 cabaret night. The line-up even included her fellow London Academy of Burlesque teacher.

June 15, 2011

Alongside Goodtime Mama Jojo, we had our most diverse line-up for our June 15 burlesque show. There was a neo-burlesque star, classic showgirl, all-out rock chick and grotesque burlesque performer.

May 30, 2011

When we announced the line-up of beautiful burlesque girls joining our burlesque show and Goodtime Mama Jojo for June 1, 2011. In these women we found friends for life.

March 1, 2011

In March 2011 we announced the first time Goodtime Mama Jojo was joining our burlesque shows. She had been active behind-the-scenes then she finally performed with us live.

December 1, 2010

Burlexe joined the last ever Tournament of Tease burlesque event in London. We said a fond farewell that was led by none other than, Goodtime Mama Jojo.

November 24, 2010

Goodtime Mama Jojo was at our very first London burlesque evening. She has been there for us from the beginning.

November 15, 2010

At the heart of Burlexe is the stories of the women who created the genre and continue it today. Goodtime Mama Jojo is one such woman.

One of our favourite burlesque monologues is inspired by her life, career and ethos. She will always be a part of our live performances.

November 11, 2010

Before we ever had even one Burlexe burlesque show, we had Goodtime Mama Jojo. Our burlesque guru worked with our performers before our first cabaret night. We are forever thankful to this wonderful woman.

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(Main image from Goodtime Mama Jojo)

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