The London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show

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London Academy of Burlesque

Jo King is proud to present the first annual alumni show from the London Academy of Burlesque next month.

The London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show

The show will see world class performers take to the stage and they also happen to be former students from the Jo King run school.

Goodtime Mama Jojo, as she’s also known, said: “I have performed, taught, choreographed and breathed burlesque for over 30 years now and I never tire of its controversy, beauty and wonderment. This spectacular show will contain every aspect of the passion that still drives me to teach the joys and powers of burlesque.”

“When I founded the London Academy of Burlesque, there were no other schools teaching this fascinating art-form and I had no idea how my experience would transfer to others, just the burning desire to help all women to feel sexy and amazing about themselves. It simply astonishes me that so many of my students have gone on to become internationally acclaimed burlesque stars and highly sought after professional showgirls.”

“I am honoured and thrilled that so many former London Academy of Burlesque students wanted to be in this show. Unfortunately, there was not enough stage time to have everyone involved but then, fortunately, this is just the first one!”

Already announced on the bill are Miss Polly Rae, Kiki Kaboom, Bettsie Bon Bon, Audacity Chutzpah and Ginger Blush. We all look forward to seeing which other lovely ladies will join their ranks in the run up to the event.

Jo King added: “The line-up will be a one-time only, must-see extravaganza featuring an awesome array of some of the London Academy of Burlesque’s immense school of talent.”

“As long as there will always be someone wanting to learn burlesque, to discover it nuances, strengths and secrets, the London Academy of Burlesque will welcome them with open hearts, humour and ridiculous eyelashes!”

“It’s fast talking, sexy walking, tush-shaking, earth-quaking, lip-smacking, whip-cracking, gyrating, titillating, crowd pleasing, strip-teasing…It’s the First Annual London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show!!!”

Check out this video to get a sneak peek at a star of the show, Miss Polly Rae:

Sunday 24th March 2013, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

For more information on The London Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show check out the Facebook event or click here for tickets.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and these are definitely some such women.

Join us, including Jo King, for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

London Academy of Burlesque

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