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how to learn burlesque dancing

Our burlesque guru, Jo King, shares how to learn burlesque dancing in this helpful video.

How to Learn Burlesque Dancing

Jo King is the founder of the London Academy of Burlesque and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, teaching her craft to over 10,000 women. When the school was formed it was also the first of its kind in Europe.

Goodtime Mama Jojo is known for teaching and inspiring over 30 per cent of Europe’s current professional burlesque dancers. Wow. She’s also been involved with the choreography for many of these burlesque dancers. In short, she knows her stuff about flashing your stuff.

Learn Burlesque dancing with Jo King

Jo King takes you through the essential burlesque dancing skills. She starts with explaining the importance of eye contact and facial expressions.

Mama Jo then shows you the wiggle, burlesque poses (from pretty to cheesecake) and the enticing top shimmy.

Burlesque Classes with Jo Weldon

The founder of The New York School of Burlesque and writer of The Burlesque Handbook, Jo Weldon is another burlesque influential burlesque teacher. She talks burlesque dancing in this video about burlesque classes.

This burlesque video shows Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon discuss the changes in the industry since she began in the 1990s. After 20 years in burlesque dancing Jo Weldon is uncertain of burlesque’s future.

Though the video shows just how many possibilities there are in burlesque dancing. The presenter is aghast when she realises the glove removal class is an hour and a half. Enjoy and let us know what you think burlesque’s future holds:

New York Burlesque Class

Try it for yourself at the New York School of Burlesque and watch our answer to: what is burlesque?

(Main image from Jo King Burlesque)

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