Emmanuelle Claire Burlesque Gifs

Emmanuelle Claire

Erotic, exotic burlesque performer, Emmanuelle Claire is an up and coming burlesque dancer who brings fantasy to life. Let us introduce you to this belly dancing burlesque beauty.

Emmanuelle Claire Burlesque Gifs

Burlesque dancer, Emmanuelle Claire, is a promising performer on the burlesque dancing scene. She combines belly dancing, burlesque and tahitian dance for an exotic, erotic experience.

She began her career as a belly dancer in restaurants and wanted to move on to the stage. It was then that she found burlesque dancing and mixed the genres for an exciting marriage made in striptease heaven.

Emmanuelle Claire spoke to Dolly Mixture Clothing about her first burlesque performance. She said, “The very, very first performance I did was a typical burlesque striptease with a fan dance and I hated every second of performing it!

“I had no training to perform burlesque I just went straight into it and I felt like I was in at the deep end with that. So I choreographed my Persian Princess act, a combination of belly dance, burlesque and fan dance, which is now probably my signature act.”

Emmanuelle Claire Emmanuelle Claire

(Burlesque gifs from K969)

As they say, you’ve gotta get a gimmick and Emmanuelle Claire found hers. It’s all about using your talents and finding your personal style and she did it with aplomb. Bravo!

What Emmanuelle Claire learnt from her first burlesque dance isn’t the only thing she said that we loved. Her view on aging burlesque dancers, she said: “I think burlesque artists only improve with age.”

Her view on burlesque makeup, she said: “That, even for stage, there is such a thing as too much makeup.”

If that’s not enough reasons watch Emmanuelle Claire merge belly dancing burlesque with her Persian Princess act.

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(Main burlesque gif from K969)


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