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Inspirational Women

Catch up on talented and inspirational women, burlesque news and of course celeb stalking Dita Von Teese. It’s your one-stop-shop for all the uplifting and titillating women’s news.

Women in the News Roundup May 2015

We look to strong and inspirational women as our influences. Likewise, the world of burlesque and the woman who fuses the two, Dita Von Teese.

Now we’re combining all these elements in our news roundup to give you one quick and easy way to catch up on women in news. Hold onto your pasties because there’s a lot going on.

Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women

(Image from The Living Museum of Erotic Women)

Each month we enjoy sharing new empowering photography series and this May is no different. The new Play Out campaign features women who have had a double mastectomy without reconstructive surgery.

Their aim is to show a more hard-hitting and representative image of women who have fought cancer. You can see more on Huffington Post.

We, at Burlexe HQ, have also been talking about plus-size lovely lady, Courtney Mina. She has been spreading body positivity by posting her lingerie pics online. See her snaps on Design Taxi.

Then this month saw the launch of The Living Museum of Erotic Women in Collingwood, Sydney. They share the stories of the fierce, fearless females who weren’t afraid to use their sexuality to exert power and influence. Needless to say, they’re speaking our language.

The exhibition is taking place from 12 May – 7 June and if you’re near by, we’re jealous. Find out more on The Sunday Morning Herald.

Burlesque News

Inspirational Women

(Image from Miami New Times)

We’re beginning this burlesque news roundup by looking back with our favourite #ThrowbackThursday post. The Tennessean shared the story of Sally Rand visiting Nashville in 1975. At the age of 71 she was still burlesque dancing with no plans to stop.

She spoke about her floundering ballet career and turning to burlesque dancing. Sally Rand said, “If we hadn’t had a depression, I would rather have been a Fontaine than a Sally Rand.” She added, “Of course, I wouldn’t have made as much money.”

Cleveland have also been remembering and celebrating their risqué past with The Roxy Remembered. The famed burlesque club is long gone but according to the event rolled out the memorabilia on 23 May.

The burlesque dancing scene is going from strength to strength and The Huffington Post is catching on. Cosmopolitan even covered what it’s really like to be a burlesque dancer.

Meanwhile 21st Century Burlesque Founder and Burlesque Hall of Fame judge, Hollie Mae Johnson spoke to Pincurl. She discussed the different between American and UK burlesque and her many job titles.

As an avid reviewer Hollie knows her stuff and didn’t hold back her opinions. She said, “I would like to see performers spend more time on, or return to, the essential basics of top drawer burlesque entertainment before they commission the big prop or glue more rhinestones on: character development, choreography, use of music, transitions, connection with the audience, core strength, ENERGY, and so on.”

At the same time, the burlesque festival season is now in full-swing. This month was kicked off by the 10th annual Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Get all the deets on Vancouver 24hrs. The headliner of this year’s event, 67-year-old Judith Stein was also interviewed by CBC News.

There’s more, the first World Sideshow Festival was covered in The Sunday Morning Herald. Then the two-week London Burlesque Festival began on May 15. Founder Chaz Royale teased the event on The Examiner.

Whilst May 22 – 24 saw the Americana Burlesque and Sideshow festival play with traditional burlesque roles, according to Mountain Xpress. The month was finally rounded out by the first Philadelphia Burlesque Festival. Read more on the Philly Voice.

There’s another first to look forward to later this year as the Glasgow Festival of Burlesque is to launch in November. Find out what you can expect on STV Glasgow.

We’ve also been excited about the third annual Asian Burlesque Spectacular in New York on 30 May. Created by friends of Burlexe Calamity Chang, Sukki Singapora and Thirsty Girl Productions. You can get all the details from Broadway World.

Catch up on the amazing burlesque career of Sukki Singapora.

Dita Von Teese News

Inspirational Women

(Image from Daily Mail)

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese has been doing her usual rounds of extravagant and worthy events like the Life Ball. Ellen Von Unwerth took some amazing pics of the event for W magazine, FYI.

She also made her annual pilgrimage to Cannes after a stop-over in London. Dita Von Teese launched her new lingerie line, Femme Fatale exclusive to Harrods.

If you’re not too opposed you can find out more on The Daily Mail. Although, there’s even more exciting news as her upcoming book Your Beauty Mark comes out in December!

We’ve been talking about the Dita Von Teese beauty book since 2013. We can’t wait to get our manicured mitts on it.We look forward to even more teasers leading up to the launch.

Read Women in the News April 2015 and see our quick-fire video on what burlesque means.

(Main image from Las Vegas Sun)

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