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Feel Good News

Our latest inspirational women news roundup shares the body positivity we love seeing in the world and want to see more of. See our favourite feel-good news.

Feel-good Inspirational Women News Roundup

Burlexe is all about sharing the stories of women whether it’s the herstory of showgirls or the body positive women and famous inspirational women making headlines. Here’s our favourite posts on body positivity this month.

Remixing Hollywood

Inspirational Women
(Image from The The Huffington Post)

Photography team Omar Victor Diop and Antoine Tempé teamed up in 2013 for a project called [re-]Mixing Hollywood. Since then the project has been gaining more and more attention online.

The shoot between Senegal and the Ivory Coast stars black models in the title roles of iconic films. They show how diversity can work in the industry and be amazing.

Re-imagining Iconic Advertising

Inspirational Women

(Images from Buzzfeed)

It seems re-imagining mass media is on the viral agenda and here to stay. Buzzfeed re-created iconic advertising using more diversity.

They re-shot adverts with people of different backgrounds, shapes, sizes and gender identities. They also note the individual experiences during the photoshoots.

It’s clear that the body acceptance has a ways to go in the media and in our own perceptions of ourselves. We, for some, will keep fighting the good fight.

Disney Princesses as Tattooed Pinups

Inspirational Women

(Image from The Art f Santana)

A lot of re-imagining is to increase visibility of groups. This includes issues such as elderly sex lives and reversing the Hollywood age gap. It also involves a lot of re-thinking Disney characters.

The latest to catch our eye was Disney Princesses as tattooed pinups. Just because, see Hello Giggles.

Lingerie for Every Lady

Inspirational Women

(Image from The Huffington Post)

Then there’s women who are creating their own media whether it’s personally with hashtags like #RockTheCrop or through their work. Brazilian photographer Mariana Godoy is tackling the word ‘fat’ in her new photo series.

The Empoderarte Me translates to Empowering Me which sees women of different shapes, ethnicities and abilities pose in their underwear. They often have slogans written on their bodies to hit the message home.

The new studies proving that millennial weight gain is completely natural have increased the need for this movement. So, if you’re looking for the latest kick-ass women owning their pedestal then these are the ladies to check out.

Likewise, we’re all about this video showing the evolution of lingerie in the past 100 years. Yes, yes and yes.

Watch the first instalments of our short film about burlesque dancing over 50.

(Main image from The Huffington Post)

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