Just Because… Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth.

One of the world’s most successful fashion photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth, has shot some of the most iconic women of an era. For that we salute her.

Ellen Von Unwerth Photography

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth’s photo of Lana Del Rey has been featured in Vogue Italia.

Just the latest snap in an illustrious career, EVU’s work with glamorous women has drawn from glamour, burlesque and all sorts of fabulousness.

So beyond the Lana Del Rey shot, there’s plenty more iconic photography to marvel at. This amazingly fierce photo of Beyoncé rocking a kokoshnik, shot by the former model, makes you fall immediately in love with her work.

Ellen Von Unwerth

(Main image from Fanpop)

Ellen Von Unwerth has also released Fräulein which depicts photos spanning 15 years of her photography career. The book combines fashion, fetish and fantasy without pandering to the male gaze.

Burlesque Inspired Snaps

Many of the images from the self-taught photojournalist were previously unpublished but here’s some of favourites, inspired by cabaret and burlesque performers:

Ellen Von Unwerth

(Image from The New York Times)

Ellen Von Unwerth

(Image from La Galerie de l’Instant)

Each model chose her own persona for the shots which were then beautifully captured,  as Ellen Von Unwerth moved seamlessly between colour and black and white images.

Celebrity Fashion Photos

There’s also an endless list of celebrities who have been shot by the photographer. In Fräulein these include the sultry image of Drew Barrymore in New York, the dominant pose of Kate Moss, Emma Watson going from innocent youth to dreaming teen while playing dress up (all below) not to mention Linday Lohan in zebra print and Dita Von Teese flashing her tutu (that’s not just a euphemism).

Ellen Von Unwerth

(Image from The New York Times)

Ellen Von Unwerth

(Image from FTape)

Ellen Von Unwerth

(Image from Fanpop)

See more celebrity images in Best Dressed This Awards Season.


(Image from Vogue Italia)

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