Lauren Luke Domestic Violence Make Up

Self-made Geordie beauty queen, Lauren Luke domestic violence make up tutorial talks the ultimate cover-up. This hard hitting Youtube make up tips video is in aid of PSA for UK charity Refuge.

Lauren Luke Domestic Violence Make Up

Lauren says, “The bruising on my face for the video wasn’t real, but my emotions in that video were.

“I had a bad experience in the past with a previous boyfriend. He never physically hurt me but I did sometimes fear what would happen next if I said the wrong thing.

“He could be overprotective and embarrass me in front of my work colleagues or friends because of his aggressive behaviour.

“Sometimes it was like living with a volcano which could erupt at any second—I felt I was walking on egg shells just to keep him from exploding and smashing something across the room.”

With a horrendous rate of silence in the UK in regards to domestic violence, we are 65% likely to keep quiet about an attack.

Refuge point out, “Hiding the physical effects of domestic violence is just one of the ways a woman might try to cover up what her partner has done to her. She may also withdraw from seeing her family and friends and become isolated, afraid to tell anyone what she’s going through.

“The emotional and psychological effects of domestic violence are undetectable to the naked eye – but this type of abuse is equally, if not more, damaging.

“Lauren’s cuts, bruises and fear are fictitious. But for thousands of women this is the reality of their everyday lives.”

Talking about abuse doesn’t make it disappear but erasing the stigma from talking will only improve matters.

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