Top Five Harlem Shake Burlesque Videos

Burlesque Videos

Last month the Harlem Shake YouTube meme took off and included some sensational burlesque videos.

Harlem Shake Burlesque Videos

Since February 2013 people across the world have been entertaining us with their “Harlem Shake” videos. A string of sassy burlesque dancers have now joined the fantastic fad.

The online trend usually sees one person dance before the entire room breaks into comedic chaos, to the song ‘Harlem Shake’. In our opinion, no one does over the top, theatrical comedy like burlesque dancers so here’s our favourites.

1. Live Burlesque in Las Vegas

Where better to begin our list than the city of sin, Las Vegas. The first viral video takes place during the monthly show, Live Burlesque in Las Vegas at The Boom Boom Room at Boomers Bar:

2. Hurly Burly Burlesque

The second is from The Black Cherry Lounge, presumably in their dressing room in Derby. Though this group has a second video filmed on stage here, prepare yourself to see an excited frog mask:

3. Powder

Our third, is one of our favourite burlesque videos from a very naughty Russian kitchen. These ladies know how to party and their array of burlesque costumes will titillate and tickle. These burlesque performers come from the show Пудра or Powder:

4. BA Burlesque

Our fourth video has been brought to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina by BA Burlesque. This quiet living room scene is soon transformed into a heady night that puts the lip-syncing craze to shame:

5. English National Ballet

This meme has gone far and wide, now spawning “Harlem Shake” spoofs from the likes of British Comedy group, The Midnight Beast. Even the English National Ballet let their buns down and got in on the action. We, for one, are grateful they did:

Check out this William Reiss Madonna Gif.


(Main image from Etsy)

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