Makeup Looks 2013

Whether you’re ready to go bright colours or just ready to try something new, the time is nigh. We have the bold lip makeup looks 2013 that will help you make a statement, to suit you.

Bold Lip Makeup Looks to Try

To start off why not master the classic lip statement, a rouge pout. Red Lip Makeup Tips for Beginners will give you the foundation, ahem, for a great day or night makeup look. Now we can get started with our top five bold lip makeup looks 2013.

Matte Magic

For a few years now matte has been in in IN. You may prefer a glossier finish but matte is perfect for day time glamour. With this technique you can differentiate between your beach babe and bar-hopping beauty styles with the simple purse of your lips.

To save you rushing out and buying arm-fulls of lipstick you can use this DIY Matte Lipstick tutorial.

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from The Beauty Department)

It’s important that the blush matches the lipstick but otherwise this is a simple and neat way to matte lips. It’s also a longer lasting look as it won’t rub off as easily as the shiny stuffs.

If you’re going the full hog a la Cara Delevingne then it’s only a few steps away. Just condition, line, lipstick and tissue.

A useful tip is to repeat the last two steps, three times in total. Then suck your index finger… To remove excess, obvi. Barbie and hot pink has hit the catwalks so you can be playful with your shade of choice.

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from Makeup)

Outrageous Orange

For colour lovers who want to express their inner extrovert on their face, this is the look for you. Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams now represents MAC’s orange range and you can follow her lead.

If she’s not on your style icon list then not to fear. Check out Company’s Ten Celebs Rocking Orange Lipstick and feel inspired.

Unlike a bright dye job, this is easily removed but still a big step for most. One of the key tricks set forth by The Fashion Spot‘s orange lipstick bible is baby steps. We get that. So here’s a little how-to that allows you to stay in your comfort zone. It also uses techniques we’ve already shared.

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from The Beauty Department)

To get the full Hayley Williams follow the matte makeup tips from above or you can always finish with a gloss. This look isn’t for the shy among you but it is the funkiest summer makeup looks 2013.

Vintage Va Va Voom

So you’re not sold on matte or orange, no problem. The 1960s pale lip look has been popping up all over the place. Rihanna has already rocked it. Though, to be honest, we’re pretty sold on 1960s anything.

Now you can put that white eyeliner to good use. Whip it out and this time apply it to your puckered pout. Gasp.

Unlike the other bold statements on our list, you don’t have to tone down your eye makeup to pull this off. The pale lip is perfect if you’re looking for a makeup look that compliments a dramatic eye.

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from Blushing Basics)

Ombre Lips

We’ve said it once but 2013 is definitely the year of the ombre. OK, so full-on pale, not for you? Brilliant because maybe ombre is. We’ve got everything covered y’see. We’re just that good.

You can have it all with ombre. It offers the best of both with pale and colour while being more hip than your flask. Check out this ombre lip tutorial:

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from Makeup)

Back to Black

Following the Met Gala 2013 punk theme, expect some alternative inspiration to hit the makeup trends this year. We’ve witnessed Lady Gaga with Beyoncé and Jessie J update this goth chic. Now, Nylon has also been waving the flag for black lips to join your summer makeup looks 2013.

You can choose between a glossy vamp pout and matte. Beautylish has provided their Best Black Lipstick list. They’ve reviewed quite a list of products on offer. While Glamour has come up with their Dos and Don’ts of Dark Lipstick.

Black is the mutest tone you can choose but it’s arguably the biggest statement. Like other makeup looks on this list, the key to pulling it off is toning down the eye makeup. Also, tying your hair back stops the look being Rocky Horror OTT. It’s all about balance.

Then we come full circle with Hayley Williams combining trends in a dark orange. Ooh and don’t forget to have fun. Mwah!

Makeup Looks 2013

(Image from Favim)

Master Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and How to Glitter Eye Makeup. You can also watch our answer to ‘what is burlesque?’ right here.

(Main image from We Heart It)

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