Boylexe Man’s Chest T-shirt

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Man's Chest T-shirt

Make a fashion statement with this Man’s Chest T-shirt from our trashy little brother show, Boylexe. It also stars in our new short film series. Get yours!

Boylexe Man’s Chest T-shirt

Man's Chest T-shirt

Our trashy little brother boylesque show, Boylexe has a potent mix of punk and pecks. Enter their Man’s Chest T-shirt.

Inspired by the Vivienne Westwood Tits Square T-shirt design, it’s now in the Boylexe colours for women and men. There’s black and pink t-shirts and yellow and black t-shirts in our online boutique.

All our performers can be seen in our merch during the boylesque show which is now at Cecil’s, Covent Garden. Plus, lucky winners of our cheeky crowd participation have been known to take home more than they bargained for.

Watch the trailer for our boys’ show and see how these sexy t-shirts embody our ethos.

Pink and Black T-shirt

Man's Chest T-shirt

The Burlexe burlesque films share the stories of burlesque legends and those twirling their tassels today. We also like to strut around in the Burlexe colours.

Our hilarious actress, Emma Fisher, satirises stereotypes about burlesque dancers whilst showing off her Man’s Chest T-shirt. The ladies pink and black t-shirt fit in perfectly with our tongue-in-cheek look at modern burlesque dancers.

Watch her in action in our short film series.

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