How to Glitter Your Life in Five Easy Ways

How to Glitter

Learn how to glitter every inch of your life because nothing says feminine, fun and flamboyant like some sparkle. Whether you’re looking for fabulous food, home décor or light-catching legs, we’ve got the deets.

How to Glitter Your Life in Five Easy Ways

This glitter meme was among our favourite burlesque themed numbers. We’ve also shared how to glitter high heels.

Whilst, St. Patrick’s Day just passed and we recommended making your own green glitter nail polish. Oh yes! Glitter nail art is one of our faves.

Yet, sometimes that’s just not enough. Now we’re sharing how to sparkle in every area of your life for all you DIY divas.

Shop with us and get your Body Glitter.

How to Glitter

(Kylie Minogue gif from Buzzfeed)

Edible Glitter

It’s real and you can make it. Create your own sparkling snacks with the kids, the girls or just for fun.

Get the recipe here and these could be yours. There’s even a chocolate bling version you can send our way any time you like. Wink.

How to Glitter

(Image from Cosmopolitan)

Glitter Wallpaper

We all know glitter can get everywhere. Everywhere! So, why shower yourself in glitter when you can live in sparkles without all the mess.

Glitter Bug Wallpaper create, you guessed it, amazing glitter wallpaper. You can sample their glitz and glam ranges for £1 each.

How to Glitter

(Image from Fans Share)

Glitter Discoball

With some niffty, crafty glitter you can cheaply make your own glitter discoball. This is the perfect OTT lantern for a burlesque party or summer garden party.

Oh Happy Day have a great how-to. Whilst Domestic Charm offers an easy way to make matching glitter balloons. Fun for the whole family!

How to Glitter

(Image from Oh Happy Day)

Glitter Dinner Party

Whether it’s glasses, votives or candles there’s a do-it-yourself. If you’re looking for something that can fit all these needs then why not go for glitter mason jars.

How to Glitter

(Image from DIY Projects for Teens)

Glitter Tights and Stockings

It’s no secret that we like to wear and remove stockings now you can do it with added sparkle. Make those pins previous with Moustachic.

You can use any nylon tights or stockings of any colour. You can also add whatever crazy colour of glitter for a wild night and statement… Then take them off!

How to Glitter

Learn How to Glitter Lips and Glitter Eye Makeup and watch our quick-fire answer to: what is burlesque?

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