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Heather Holliday

See fire eater Heather Holliday and her burlesque performance in our new circus gifs. This multi-talented sideshow performer is known for her daredevil skills. Let us introduce you to this hawt coquette.

Heather Holliday Fire Eater Circus Gifs

New York fire eater, Heather Holliday was also known as one of the youngest sword swallowers in the world, according to The Huffington Post. Fire breathing, circus and sideshow techniques compliment burlesque so well, we thought we’d share more about this very special young woman.

Heather Holliday began her sideshow career at Coney Island in 2004. She then went on to the Pretty Things Peepshow alongside such lovely ladies as burlesque dancer, Go-go Amy.

You can witness her amazing sword swallowing skills on the Heather Holliday Instagram page. Including this image of her hula hooping whilst balancing a plate on a sword she swallowed. Yes, that happened.

Heather Holliday Heather Holliday

Last year saw Heather Holliday come to the UK as part of LIMBO. The show is known for its sensational circus skills, live music and a little PG tease.

This entertainment was brought to town by the summer festival, London Wonderground. Packed full of cabaret, comedy, circus and music we can’t wait for its return this year.

With sword swallowing, throwing and fire eating, Heather Holliday was certain to be a main attraction in 2013. We hope she returns soon. Get introduced to Heather Holliday and those skills behind the scenes of LIMBO:

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(Circus gifs from K969)

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