Kiki Kaboom in Burlesque Assassins

Kiki Kaboom burlesque has starred in more than one of our Burlexe shows. She is also starring in the forthcoming movie, Burlesque Assassins.

Kiki Kaboom in Burlesque Assassins

Obviously, it just plainly wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have the chance to talk to Miss Kiki Kaboom about her experiences first hand….

The Burlesque Assassins is about tough burlesque beauties versus enemies of the free world,” Kiki Kaboom told Burlexe. “It’s beautifully shot, B-movie-esque, tongue-in-cheek, high energy hi-jinks, with bullets, blood and a helluva lot of cleavage!

“I was recommended to Jonathan Joffe, the director, by several people. I had a couple of email conversations with him, followed by several Skype chats, an audition, a recall, and then bam – suddenly I was off to Calgary for a month to shoot my first feature.

“I can’t understate how brilliant, crazy, sleep-deprived, intense and wonderful the filming process was, and how much I loved everyone working on it – cast, crew and production.”

Kiki Kaboom Burlesque

“Memories and people I will absolutely treasure for the rest of my life. Plus, when the producers put you in a shared cast house with a bunch of international burlesque performers and an outdoor hot tub – what more could you ask for?

“I play Bombshell Belle, one of the original assassins. She’s feisty, fierce, fearless and so much fun to play. She’s also a little bit unhinged….if anyone’s going to be a bit of a liability on a mission, it’s Belle! To find out why, you’ll have to come and watch the film…”

Check out Kiki Kaboom behind-the-scenes and don’t forget the première on Sunday 9th December at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club from 6pm. Tickets via WeGotTickets.

Check out Kiki Kaboom as our first guest burlesque dancer of 2013.

Burlexe is a sensational London burlesque show inspired by the women who created the genre and perform the art. It fuses burlesque performance with storytelling, dancing with acting.

We look to influential and successful women as our inspiration and Burlesque Assassins is sure to be one such source.

Join us for the Burlexe show by booking your ticket.

Burlesque Assassins

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