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Chicago burlesque dancer, Michelle L’amour answers ‘what is burlesque?’ at one of her burlesque classes. Find out more about the award-winning burlesque performer and this video.

What is Burlesque?

Michelle L'amour

Michelle L’amour is one of the most renowned burlesque dancers and teachers working at the moment. She even won Miss Exotic World 2005. You can see Michelle L’amour with the other winners including Miss Dirty Martini.

This week sees Michelle L’amour join Dita Von Teese and co in the Chicago leg of Strip Strip Horray! She is also known for her famous Snow White burlesque routine and performed it on America’s Got Talent.

Not to mention her residency at LA Weekly‘s top LA burlesque club. Aaand her tireless fundraising for the Burlesque Hall of Fame with the annual Stripper’s Holiday in Chicago. There are few more qualified to answer ‘what is burlesque?’.

In this video we join Michelle L’amour as she’s teaching a burlesque class. You are given a few glimpses of the teasing moves and talk about burlesque as an art form.

Michelle L’amour also shares the surprising road that led to her career in burlesque dancing. Her story proves that whatever path you take in life, you can still find burlesque.

For more answers to ‘what is burlesque?’ see British burlesque dancer, Honey Wilde and former Vegas showgirl, Margaret Tully. While boylesque superstar, British Heart answers ‘what is Boylesque?’.

The all-new Burlexe burlesque films also kicked off by answering: what is burlesque? The Burlexe cast share the history of the genre in 70 seconds.

Watch Michelle L’amour’s infamous Butthoven’s Fifth Symphony burlesque act.

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