Feminist Burlesque, Nadia Kamil and a Burlesque Video to Remember

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Feminist Burlesque

Welsh comedian, Nadil Camil has performed her very own feminist burlesque routine but what does it say about burlesque feminism?

Feminist Burlesque, Nadia Kamil and a Burlesque Video to Remember

This year, Nadil Camil released the above video of her very own feminist burlesque routine. HuffPost have already called it, “Deadly serious and utterly hilarious.” So there’s that.

The aim was to ask: “Why can’t burlesque express whatever you want it to express?” Well there may be some bias here but doesn’t it do just that?

Nadia Kamil is a self-confessed burlesque novice. The only burlesque event she has been to was held by the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society.

She refers to seeing, “A woman dressed as Margaret Thatcher”, that made her feel uncomfortable. Ahem, Honey Wilde? Was that you?

Either way, she opts for burlesque stripping to reveal feminist posters and eventually her degree decked in nipple tassels. Sexy indeed!

She may be forgiven for her lack of familiarity with what burlesque can do. Yet, it may irk burlesque dancers is that normal burlesque doesn’t do burlesque feminism very well. Which more than a few would disagree with. Audacity Chutzpah anyone?

This burlesque video is successfully hilarious and gets its burlesque feminism across. Hopefully the burlesque boom will see more people recognising the comedy and burlesque feminism already out there. We know we appreciate it.

On the point of the sly male gaze reference, a lot of burlesque fans are women. A lot! Whilst burlesque dancing is also a genre for women to reclaim their pedestal.

Moreover, intelligent, funny, sexy and real women create the art form. Just saying.

The burlesque community can do feminism as well as the next ladies. We’ve seen it. We like to think our burlesque night shows it and you can see it too: above, elsewhere and with us.

See mainstream madame and LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese talking burlesque feminist critique with Larry King:

Find out more about feminist theory and Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games trilogy.

(Main image from Nadia Kamil)

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